5 Reasons We Rely on the Nasuni Hybrid Cloud Storage Platform

March 20, 2024 | John Shaffer, Managing Director and Chief Information Officer, Greenhill 5 Reasons We Rely on the Nasuni Hybrid Cloud Storage Platform

Greenhill is a global financial services firm focused primarily on mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcies, and restructurings. I’ve been at Greenhill for almost 23 years, managing our technology worldwide. Prior to Nasuni, we were a long-time NetApp customer. I was wary of switching, but our needs were changing. More of our people were collaborating on projects from different locations around the world. They expect a certain level of performance, and they weren’t getting that, so we made the transition to the Nasuni hybrid cloud storage platform and haven’t looked back.

Nasuni recently published a detailed customer story on how we are using the platform, but here are five reasons why I’m glad we made the switch.

1. My end users are happy

Our analysts, managing directors, and other end users in different global offices often collaborate on deals. Prior to Nasuni, employees were growing frustrated with the pace of file sharing. We had an office in Dallas sharing data with Singapore and the previous experience was terrible. Once we set up Nasuni, the response from the team came within an hour of going live. Quite candidly, they said it was “way better”!

2. We don’t have to worry about scale

Greenhill generates unstructured data in the form of documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, and PDFs. We need to keep the vast majority of our data, so our storage needs are always growing and can be unpredictable. Nasuni gives us effortless, cost-effective scale in cloud object storage, so we don’t have to worry about expanding our hardware footprint.

3. I can set up and manage new sites anywhere

The Nasuni Management Console is easy to use once you get the hang of it, but even better, I can manage storage and data protection remotely at any of our sites. In our smaller offices, we’re actively working to eliminate as much hardware as possible. The beauty of Nasuni is that you do not need to spend a ton of money setting up a small office with an edge appliance. We’ve also deployed a few cloud-based appliances in certain regions. This flexibility is great for a global operation like ours.

4. Our ransomware protection is getting stronger

We conduct regular disaster recovery testing, and I like that we can also test our ransomware recovery capabilities with the Nasuni hybrid cloud storage platform. We know it’s going to work and how it’s going to work if something goes wrong. Now, we also have ransomware protection fully deployed and enforced so if we do see something alarming, we get alerts, and we have it set to shut down the offending IP address. That’s a really great add-on.

5. The Nasuni team

I can’t say enough about the Nasuni Professional Services and Customer Success teams. The support and follow-up have both been great. Sometimes I don’t get back to Nasuni’s tech people fast enough and they start asking me if we’re okay.

There’s always a bit of fear when you switch platforms. Nobody wants to take that plunge and find out it was the wrong move. But in my experience, being a Nasuni customer for three years, I can’t imagine going back to NetApp.

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