Nasuni Hybrid Cloud Data Platform Named DCIG Top 5 in Two Categories

Lance Shaw shares details about Nasuni’s leading hybrid cloud data platform earning a DCIG Top 5 spot in two different categories.

April 30, 2024

With data growing, security risks rising, and employees working from anywhere, companies need more out of a file storage solution. You can’t get away with simply buying racks of servers anymore. Opting for a marginal upgrade with a cloud-backed legacy storage array won’t do the trick either. Modern enterprises need truly cloud-native file data platforms that manage data growth, strengthen security, support globally distributed teams, and help you make use of the best AI and data intelligence tools. The time to kick the proverbial can down the road and delay the move to hybrid cloud is long gone. The leading analyst firms are now advising their clients to move to a hybrid cloud data platform, and we’re thrilled to share that DCIG is recognizing Nasuni for our excellence in this space yet again.

This year, Nasuni earned a DCIG Top 5 spot in two different categories. First, Nasuni stood out as a leader among the 29 companies that qualified as Enterprise Hybrid Cloud SDS NAS Solutions. These software-defined storage (SDS) technologies are designed to solve the myriad problems associated with storing, protecting, and extending fast, shared access to file data across hundreds or even thousands of global locations. With the Nasuni File Data Platform, organizations trade countless storage silos for a single solution that works across all locations, providing effortless scale, built-in security, and fast edge performance for end users. Yet to be recognized as a DCIG Top 5 solution, a technology has to go beyond all that and offer analytics, flexible object storage interfaces, multi-cloud support and additional features.

Nasuni is also earning a key spot in the 2024-25 Top 5 for Enterprise Multi-Site File Collaboration Solutions. Here, DCIG researchers evaluated 26 companies before highlighting Nasuni. As DCIG notes in its report, the number of remote and hybrid employees has increased tremendously since the pandemic. More and more enterprises need the kind of technology that allows these distributed end users to work as if they’re sitting in one office. A DCIG Top 5 provider in this category must not only enhance multi-site collaboration and IT controls, but offer a standout support team and more. Our support and customer success teams consistently earn stellar reviews, and it’s great to see DCIG put a premium on that.

Across the two reports, DCIG notes a few critical capabilities of the Nasuni File Data Platform, including the solution’s unique, cloud-native architecture, which allows organizations to scale without limits. Additionally, DCIG’s research team highlights the platform’s fast file and object access, its strong data security, ransomware mitigation and recovery tools, and our expanding suite of add-on services.

The shift to a hybrid cloud data platform is an important and increasingly necessary move, but picking the right platform isn’t easy, especially with every vendor claiming similar capabilities. Reports like these are valuable assessments of our own efforts, but they also serve as a very useful asset for our prospective customers. If you’re dealing with any of the problems outlined above, set aside a few minutes to download and read one or both of the DCIG reports. They’ll give you a great overview of the space, with key recommendations about what you should look for in a solution. Don’t delay your organization’s hybrid cloud upgrade any longer — read the SDS NAS or Multi-Site report today.

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