Darth Vader Needed Nasuni and Cloud Storage

This week, we kicked off our big Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiere event for Nasuni customers and prospective customers. We’ve reserved AMC theaters in 9 cities across the U.S. for first-run morning showings on December 15, 2017.  That’s right, those who register in time will be able to see the most anticipated movie of the year – and the hardest ticket to get during the holiday season – on opening day. Before anyone else. For free. With breakfast thrown in.

We’ve also been having a little fun tying Star Wars to Nasuni’s global file system and cloud object storage. What, you didn’t think there was a connection?  Read 6 Things Star Wars Can Teach Us About File Storage and you’ll see why:

  • Distributed enterprises like the Empire need better unstructured data management tools.
  • The Empire might still be ruling the galaxy if they had Nasuni and cloud storage.
  • Darth Vader wouldn’t have had to Force Choke people for Death Star project delays.
  • Imperial forces could have crushed the rebellion with enterprise file services.
  • The Jedi Order wouldn’t have been so under-funded if the Republic had been using Nasuni.

If you’re struggling to store, share, and protect large, complex files, go to work late on December 15 AND thrill your boss. Watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi with us and find out how to achieve unlimited file sharing, improve the productivity of distributed teams, cut file storage and data protection costs in half, streamline file server management, and meet strategic cloud-first objectives.

Hope to see you there. And may the Force, the cloud, and the Nasuni UniFS® global file system be with you.


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