Service Level Agreement | Nasuni

What it means to our customers
Today we formalize our confidence in the quality of our service with the introduction of a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Storage as a service that can be used as primary storage inside your data center is something new. We want to set expectations about the quality of service and drive home the point by putting in place penalties should we fail to meet those expectations. Underpinning the confidence in our SLA are hundreds of  working Nasuni Filers at customers‘ sites and the extensive, long-term tests we run against our systems and all of the major cloud storage providers. In order to fully qualify the level of service, cloud storage becomes a component in a larger system that still includes the Nasuni Filer at the edge of the network but now adds the Network Operations Center (NOC) to control and monitor activity across the system.

We made every attempt to keep the language simple and avoid unnecessary legalese. The SLA applies to our new data services. Data Protection is the first of several data storage services that we will be launching from the new system. Data Protection unifies local storage and unlimited snapshots (no more backups) with multiple offsite copies of the data  (no more angst). The pillars of the SLA are availability, access, security and immutability.

  • 100% Data Availability – your storage is always available to write or read from it
  • 100% Data Access – you can always get to your data (even if your data center was not available)
  • 100% Secure – your data is encrypted at your premises and unavailable to anyone who does not have your encryption keys
  • 100% Immutability – it is not possible to modify snapshots of your data

These are the minimum requirements that any vendor that wants to provide enterprise class storage as a service must be able to deliver. We have attached penalties meant to reflect the absolute confidence we have in our ability to sustain these service levels. These are unlike any in our industry and include 10-days of free service in the event of a 5-minute data availability outage.

We wanted to exceed customer expectations. In the event of a complete meltdown of your local storage, you will also be able to restore end-user access to your data quickly and simply, in less than 15 minutes.

Nasuni is leading the charge for a whole new class of storage company that delivers high quality data services into enterprise customers. Storage as a service is new and familiar at the same time. To have a unified system capable of complete data protection is exciting and new but, as it evolves, storage as a service is passing through some familiar storage landmarks. Just like in the end, the major storage OEM had to certify and absorb the hard drive as a component in order to improve the overall quality of their systems, we have had to absorb cloud storage as a component in order to deliver the best possible level of service to our customers.  This end to end data protection is something you, as a customer, should expect and the service guarantees that Nasuni can provide are the best in the industry.

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