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Financial Services

Support your global growth with round-the-clock file services.

Access Your Unstructured Data Anytime, From Anywhere

Growing your client base requires teamwork.  And teams need access to the most up to date information regardless of where they are located.  This includes your internal reporting data, financial news, regulation and compliance data, communications with clients and much more.  With a modern file system, synchronizing and accessing data from around the globe is simple and easy.

“A scalable file infrastructure that enables us to quickly store, collaborate on, and recover files is essential. At the same time, we need to be able to prevent malware, ransomware, and other threats from compromising our file data. The joint Nasuni-Varonis solution gives us best-in-class capabilities for file storage and file security, and enhances our ability to maintain tight schedules, while keeping IT costs down.”

Dennis DiPalma
MIS Project Leader, PJ Dick– Trumbull – Lindy Paving

Manage Risk and Uncertainty

How long do you need to keep your firm’s reports, customer records, and other unstructured data? When will you need specific documents in the future? Just like markets, future data needs are hard to predict. With the Nasuni platform you get to keep unlimited versions of your files, indefinitely, in a secure location, while being able to retrieve them instantly.

“We had some of our executive leadership coming into our Atlanta office, and right before they came in, we made the cut over [to Nasuni]. When people started showing up for work, no one knew anything was different. But we knew we had solid backups, we had capacity, we had everything that the Nasuni product could offer us.”

Gerald van Benschop
Director of Global Technology Services, Perkins+Will

Scale Your File Security

Record growth and firm growth shouldn’t mean more risk for your files. That’s why we’ve partnered with Varonis and other data governance solutions to offer you file security from creation to long term storage.

Put Your Infrastructure in an OPEX Model and Save 70%

Eliminate expensive file sharing solutions like WAN acceleration, MPLS, and replication software. The days of needing separate solutions for sharing files, backing them up, storing and protecting them are over. Nasuni allows you to put file storage in an OpEx model and streamline your infrastructure with a single solution that combines NAS, cloud backup, and disaster recovery (DR) – saving companies up to 70%.

Foran Glennon

“Here’s a good example. On a Friday at 4:50 PM, a user reported a file had been accidentally deleted. This wasn’t the sort of thing that could wait until Monday, either, as the file needed to be submitted to a client by close of business that day. In the past, it might have taken an entire day to restore that file. I just opened up the Nasuni Management Console, found the previous in a few minutes, and restored it to its original location. Our user was able to get that submission to our client before 5 PM.”

Foran Glennon
IT Manager

Why Financial Services Need a Global File System

Nasuni uses the power of its patented global file system to store, protect, synchronize, and collaborate on unstructured data files across an unlimited number of users and locations. Backed by your private object storage, or a public cloud provider, it offers secure, unlimited capacity, and the ability to retain files indefinitely.

Nasuni streamlines all your file management tasks, including provisioning storage for new locations, and eliminating the need for traditional tape backup and archive storage solutions. With its continuous versioning capability, it stores all previous versions of files in WORM format while allowing users to retrieve them instantly. In addition to keeping gold copies of your data in the cloud, Nasuni protects it with end to end encryption.

Using its global file system, Nasuni can synchronize files across all locations, eliminating the need for traditional data replication systems, and providing built-in business continuity for your firm’s users, regardless of location.

Nasuni’s patented technology is the reason why innovative financial services firms are moving away from traditional on-premises file storage, to Nasuni’s secure, scalable and cost-saving cloud file services.

6 Ways Financial Service firms can learn more about Nasuni’s secure, scalable solution for unstructured data.

From built-in security to cost reduction, your firm can grow faster with a modern file infrastructure.

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