Nasuni Makes News at Dell Technologies World 2018

Nasuni is at Dell Technologies World 2018. Here’s what you should know about Nasuni and Dell EMC, our announcements, and our presence at the conference.

April 30, 2018

This week, Nasuni is at the Venetian in Las Vegas for Dell Technologies World 2018, where you can find us at the Dell EMC and Varonis booths in the Solutions Expo and hosting dinners for customers and resellers with Dell EMC executives.

We’re also making news. Today at the conference, we announced the next major release of the Nasuni® Enterprise File Services platform and our integration with the Varonis® Data Security Platform.

Here are the 5 things you should know about Nasuni and Dell EMC, our announcements, and our presence at the conference.

Nasuni and Dell EMC ECS Object Storage

Nasuni is Dell EMC’s global file system partner for Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS). Some of the world’s largest companies, including GlaxoSmithKline, Schlumberger, Siemens, State of Ohio, and USAA, are using Nasuni with Dell EMC ECS to:

  • Improve business results by enabling users to collaborate on files with high performance across any number of locations.
  • Reduce file storage costs up to 60% by consolidating NAS, file servers, remote access, backup, archive, and DR into a single, easier-to-manage solution.
  • Accelerate digital transformation and cloud-first initiatives.

Visit us at the Dell EMC booth to learn more about the joint solution.

Nasuni Edge Appliances on the Dell EMC 14G Platform

The Nasuni UniFS® global file system stores all files and metadata in private or public cloud object storage. Nasuni edge appliances cache just the frequently used files anywhere file servers and NAS are typically used today. These appliances provide high performance, CIFS/NFS-based access to group shares, project directories, and home drives without needing the huge capacity footprint of a full-sized NAS controller.

About half our customers use Nasuni-branded hardware as edge appliances – and this hardware is built on the Dell EMC PowerEdge server platform. We announced today new hardware appliances based on the flash-optimized Dell 14G platform, increasing IOPS up to 71% over previous generations, based on SPEC SFS® workload testing.

Nasuni Edge Appliances on VMware Infrastructure

The other half of our customers use their own virtual infrastructures to host Nasuni edge appliances – and many use VMware. With the right sizing, Nasuni virtual edge appliances can perform as fast, or faster, than their physical counterparts. With VMware now part of the Dell EMC corporate family, it’s another point of synergy for our Dell EMC partnership.

Nasuni Integration with Varonis

Varonis, like Nasuni, is a strong Dell EMC partner, making Dell Technologies World a perfect venue for us to announce support for the Varonis Data Security Platform. The new integration enables the Nasuni Cloud File Services platform to better address privacy regulations like GDPR and protect critical unstructured data from cyberattacks and insider threats. Together, Nasuni and Varonis provide a complete, end-to-end solution for unstructured data storage, collaboration, protection, management, security, governance, compliance, and analytics.

Get more details and see what Varonis and our joint customers are saying about the integration in our press release, “Nasuni Announces Support for Varonis Data Security Platform.” Or, if you’re at Dell Technologies World, stop by the Varonis booth and ask about Nasuni.

Nasuni Spring 2018 Release (Version 8.0)

We also leveraged the conference to announce the latest release of our flagship enterprise file services platform. The Nasuni Spring 2018 Release (Version 8.0) adds performance and manageability enhancements that set a new standard for secure, scalable file storage and multi-site file synchronization. Customers can now leverage on-prem or public cloud object storage to modernize NAS, file server, backup, and disaster recovery infrastructure, while taking cross-site file collaboration to the next level.

Read the press release, “Nasuni Extends Flagship File Services Platform With Spring 2018 Release” for all the details.

If you’re not at Dell Technologies World this year, don’t worry! Email [email protected] to schedule some time to review all this info, and learn more about what Dell EMC and Nasuni can do for your business.

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