DCIG Recognizes Nasuni as Top Five Solution

President David Grant shares that Nasuni’s hybrid cloud storage solution has been named to the 2024-25 DCIG Top Five Enterprise Cloud-based NAS Consolidation Solutions report in his latest blog.

December 12, 2023

The unrelenting pace of unstructured data growth within the world’s leading enterprises has completely changed what large organizations look for in a data storage and protection solution. Today’s organizations need to be able to scale efficiently, reduce risk, optimize costs, and deliver fast performance wherever it is needed around the globe, and the only way to achieve that efficiently is through a hybrid cloud storage solution. This massive shift in the market away from traditional storage providers to the cloud is one of the main drivers of our continued momentum here at Nasuni. We now support more than 800 enterprise customers in over 70 countries and are constantly helping large enterprises expand their use of our platform and extract more value from their file data.

Market forces, passionate customers, and an incredible team of people have all been major contributors to our success, but our core Nasuni technology is the biggest differentiator. For that reason, I’m excited to share that analyst group DCIG has named the Nasuni File Data Platform a “Top Five Storage Solution” in the 2024-25 DCIG Top Five Enterprise Cloud-based NAS Consolidation Solutions report.

The DCIG recognition marks a string of recent awards, including coveted user reviews from PeerSpot and others. DCIG looked at 31 software-define storage solutions and named Nasuni one of its top five for three main reasons: our flexible, cloud-based architecture; fast edge performance; and leading data security and protection.

1. Effortless Scale & Flexibility

It all starts with the fact that we built the only file system in object storage. This architecture bet paid off as object storage has become the industry standard for scale and cost. Nasuni integrates with all the major hyperscalers, but our customers aren’t locked into a single cloud storage provider. The Nasuni hybrid cloud storage solution allows you to retain flexibility and optionality for the long-term and it was designed from the beginning to allow for effortless scale. Our goal has always been to make it as easy as possible for our customers to scale their file infrastructure across every dimension necessary, from the volume or number of files to the number of global offices, sites, or end users.

2. Fast Edge Performance

The other core feature is the platform’s ability to extend the scale of object storage to any location without sacrificing fast performance. DCIG recognized this capability, and it is absolutely essential for today’s modern enterprise, which has to provide users and applications with the performance and reliability they need to work effectively whether they are in major offices, a branch office, temporary job sites, or coffee shops.

3. Built-in Security

We were very happy to see that DCIG highlighted the data security and protection capabilities of our platform. In the age of ransomware, data protection is a topic of discussion at the executive level and as DCIG points out, our platform protects file data from these malicious attacks, limits the potential damage, and allows for uniquely rapid recoveries.

4. Bonus – Prepare for AI Revolution

Finally, every IT professional is being pushed to get their data ready for AI. Traditional on premises Network Attached Storage (NAS) has created silos of data. These silos make it impossible to extract additional value leveraging AI. Moving file data infrastructure to the cloud consolidates all of these silos into one gold copy.

Confirmation of Our Vision

At Nasuni we have a saying that everyone owns quality and this award is recognition of our global team’s effort to develop and maintain the best possible hybrid cloud storage solution, but it is also a confirmation of our large company vision.

Nasuni was founded and launched before enterprises began considering the cloud as a viable unstructured data storage medium. Today IT is being ordered to move file infrastructure to the cloud and organizations are recognizing that cloud is the ideal storage medium as long as it is paired with a hybrid solution that maintains fast performance and delivers strong data security. The market has completely transformed since our early days, and this DCIG recognition confirms that. The growth we have seen the last few years is only the beginning. We are in the perfect position to continue expanding and firmly establishing the Nasuni File Data Platform as the ideal long-term hybrid cloud storage solution for the enterprise for years to come.

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