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How to Leverage Object Storage for Files – Solution Whiteboard

Object storage seems like the perfect place for files – until you start dealing with latency, incompatible apps, and egress charges. That’s why Nasuni built a solution that leverages the power of object storage while delivering the ease and performance of file storage. Learn how Nasuni utilizes the best of object storage and how you could benefit from a cloud-native file system in this solution whiteboard TechTalk.

Video Transcript

Nasuni takes advantages of the best of object storage and addresses the limitations of object storage in that because we’re a global file system that lives in object storage we can take advantage of the scalability right away, so our customers can grow and scale their environments to whatever capacities they need. We certainly take advantage of the inexpensiveness of object stores because we’re built on object storage, we live in object storage, all your data lives in object storage, so it’s inexpensive as well and certainly we take advantage of the reliability that object storage gives you and the durability that object storage gives you for data protection for disaster recovery etc. We have that built into the Nasuni product. We addressed the latency limitation because users access their data – even though it lives in object storage in the cloud – through on-premise and appliances that are right next to them or right next their applications. So the access for active data is very fast. Applications don’t need to be rewritten because applications that access data through Nasuni use traditional NAS access protocols like NFS and CIFS. And there is the same structure that users are used to within the Nasuni environment so they can get at their data they can access their data they can find their data very easily in the Nasuni environment. So the bottom line Nasuni takes advantage of all the great capabilities of object storage, the new disk and addresses all the limitations that object storage presents to customers and applications.