High Performance Cloud File Sharing and Collaboration Solutions


Nasuni accelerates positive business outcomes with high performance file sharing across all locations.

Cross-Site File Collaboration Challenges

Workgroup productivity and positive business outcomes often depend on the ability to share and collaborate on files across many sites. But global enterprises can have tens or hundreds of locations spanning multiple time zones. And today’s applications are generating larger and larger files. Lines of business and IT are both realizing current file sharing solutions are inadequate:

  • Replicating files in all locations is expensive, while latency creates unacceptable access delays.
  • Remote access with WAN acceleration or file transfer with MPLS adds more cost and complexity. Latency is still an issue.
  • Moving files around the enterprise with no authoritative “gold copy” increases the risk data will be lost or compromised.
  • Editing files at the same time in different locations creates version conflict.
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The Nasuni Solution

Nasuni enterprise file services offers cross-site file sharing and collaboration that is fast and conflict-free for business users, and secure, cost-effective, and easy to administer for IT. Our cloud-native architecture is engineered to scale to any number of locations, users, and files for enterprise collaboration without limits. You’ll have a single global namespace for all your files. Yet users in every location will think they are accessing their own local file server.

Unmatched File Collaboration Features

Nasuni addresses the need for scalable cross-site file collaboration with these features:

  • Global file access – Nasuni UniFS, the first global file system designed to reside in the cloud, stores the authoritative gold copy of every file in your preferred public or private cloud object store. File storage can scale without limits and is accessible from all locations because data is no longer bound to, or limited by, a “master” storage device.
  • High performance edge caches – Nasuni Edge Appliances cache active files locally so users can access data without delay. Any number of physical or virtual appliances can be deployed in any location and sized to meet business needs. The “cache-from-cloud” architecture makes the same files readily available to users globally without having to deploy full-sized storage arrays in every site.
  • Fast, efficient data propagation – Nasuni makes shared files available in all locations using a cloud-based, hub-and-spoke caching architecture that eliminates the unnecessary duplication and version conflict issues common with legacy file synchronization technologies. Nasuni’s use of cloud services also means internet bandwidth is used instead of costly local MPLS. Finally, the use of cloud services for coordination enables Nasuni to scale global file access to any number of locations without performance degradation.
  • Global version alignment – Nasuni offers unequaled data protection with the ability to keep unlimited versions of every file, even with changes coming in from many locations. Nasuni’s version lock manager, implemented as a scalable cloud service, ensures each location gets its turn to upload file changes to the master copy of the file in your preferred cloud object store. Every change from every location is sequenced with the correct date and time stamp to avoid conflict and support an unlimited number of recovery points.
  • Global file lock – Implemented as a scalable cloud service, Nasuni’s global file lock prevents users in different locations from unknowingly editing the same files at the same time. Productivity losses due to version conflicts are greatly minimized.

How Nasuni is Different

Traditional approaches to file collaboration and newer file sync and share solutions have drawbacks that Nasuni overcomes:

  • Continuous hardware and datacenter investments must be made to replicate data in multiple locations, adding cost, complexity and IT management overhead.
  • File sync and share solutions struggle with large-sized files and do not provide a single global namespace.
  • The lack of global file locking means files may be unknowingly edited at the same time, resulting in potential version conflict and data loss.
  • Third party file backup infrastructure is still needed for data protection.

Nasuni Collaboration Benefits

Enhance Productivity

Tap the creativity, talent, and knowledge of a global workforce by enabling them to share files among distributed project teams and workgroups.

Accelerate Growth

Quickly on-board new offices regardless of file size or number of users to shorten the time needed to integrate acquisitions or new locations.

Reduce Risk

Secure and control access to files at all times, whether they’re being accessed by employees inside the organization or partners or consultants outside the organization. All data is encrypted with customer-controlled encryption keys to guard against unauthorized access.

Ensure Business Continuity

Provide access to files no matter how many locations are impacted by a disaster or IT outage. Any office with power and cloud connectivity can become a DR site in minutes.