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Nasuni unlocks the value of your unstructured data with speed and flexibility.

Analytics Challenges

File Growth

Up to 80% of the data in today’s modern enterprise is unstructured. Images, video, IoT machine data, notes, reports and other types of files are accumulating far faster than structured data.

Smart enterprises know that capturing, classifying, and analyzing this data can lead to deeper insights about customers, production processes, and new market opportunities. However, storing this data is an enormous challenge – some IoT processes generate more than a petabyte (PB) a day. Accessing this data is expensive and slow – an unwanted drag when you want fast analysis. And moving the data to different analytics engines (e.g. IBM Watson) is simply too difficult.

The Nasuni Solution

Nasuni Management Console & Service Center

Nasuni makes manipulating large subsets of unstructured data for context-driven analysis easy, fast, and cost-effective. With no limits on file size, total file capacity, or total number of files, and no constraints on file sharing over long distances, Nasuni accelerates the use of analytics tools and processes. Building a product in Asia, but need analyze production data in Europe? Not a problem.

In addition to handling large files efficiently, Nasuni also helps you create subsets of them. Since Nasuni keeps an unlimited history of file versions, it’s easy to build custom data subsets using files with a specific time stamp, content type, or other attribute.

Data Analytics Capabilities

Nasuni supports your iterative data analytics processes with these features:

  • Unlimited data collection points — From the factory floor to the data center, files can be easily collected from all locations, then stored, protected, and made rapidly available to all parts of your organization for analysis.
  • Unlimited capacity — Run your data collections as long as you like, across as many collection points as you need, without worrying about running out of storage capacity.
  • Access to complete historical data sets — Pull complete data sets from a specific point in time, or using other content attributes to test hypotheses and sharpen algorithms as you explore your data’s value.
  • Complete data backup — It’s easy to skip backup with large data sets because of the cost and IT overhead. But with Nasuni, your data is always backed up with no extra cost or effort, so it will always be available for your analytics needs.
  • Centralized management — Capacity, performance, and authentication and access requirements can all be managed from one central location, no matter how distributed your data collection and analysis processes are.

Nasuni Analytics Benefits

Accelerate Growth

Remove barriers to collecting and analyzing IoT machine data and other data subsets to uncover new revenue opportunities.

Increase Agility

Analyze data faster to stay ahead of the competition and make faster, more accurate decisions.

Reduce Costs

Minimize the IT cost and administrative overhead needed to collect, store, protect, and access data used for analytics.

Mitigate Risk

Detect potentially fraudulent activity and protect physical, financial and intellectual assets from internal and external threats using statistical, network, path, and big data methodologies.