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Active Archive

Nasuni is the cost-effective, cloud-scale solution for long-term data retention with rapid access

Active Archive Challenges

Many enterprises struggle with growing volumes of file data that no longer need to be regularly accessed, but may still be called upon on an occasional or intermittent basis. These “cool” files may include completed projects, local email archives (e.g. pst files), older revisions of media files, older versions of client data, or data needed for future analytics. Storing these files on primary storage and relying on backup to protect them is expensive, complex and time-consuming. Yet, archiving them off to tape often results in unpredictable and unacceptable retrieval times or, worse, complete data loss.

The Nasuni Solution

Nasuni Enterprise Edition in combination with a cool tier of cloud object storage (e.g. Amazon S3 Infrequent Access, Azure Cool GRS/LRS, IBM Cloud Object Storage Flex) is the ideal solution to your active archiving challenges.

Nasuni leverages the cloud to provide a cost-effective, infinitely scalable solution for moving unstructured data off primary storage and out of expensive data protection systems, saving both IT budget and staff time. By using durable, scalable cloud object stores in place of tape or disk archives, and on-premises edge appliances for secure, high performance access to cool files when needed, Nasuni is the ideal solution for long-term file retention.

Reliable local access, built-in data protection, unlimited scalability, comprehensive security, and support for any public or private cloud object store are all included at significantly lower cost than legacy file archive solutions.

Industry-Leading Archiving Capabilities

Nasuni addresses the growing need for accessible cool file storage with the following features:

  • Cost-effective long-term storage — Choose the cool cloud tier that matches your budget needs and access patterns.
  • Unlimited capacity — Archive capacity scales in the cloud to any level required. Increasing space is simple and immediate.
  • Easy access — Files are accessed through standard NAS protocols, including SMB/CIFS or NFS, enabling archive volumes to be accessed using the local network.
  • Read from many points, write from just a few — Users can read archive files from multiple locations. You tightly control who can write to the archive, preventing costs from escalating and archived materials from being compromised.
  • Complete audit — All the details of file access are captured on a per user basis to provide a complete, authoritative audit trail.
  • Strong security — All cool data stored in the cloud is strongly encrypted with customer-controlled keys that are not available to Nasuni or the cloud vendor. Data is encrypted and decrypted locally in the edge appliance. Each edge appliance joins the organization’s Active Directory domain to take advantage of existing on-premises security. Access controls are encrypted in the cloud and can be seamlessly migrated to Nasuni along with the file data for data migration and DR purposes. Existing control structures can be maintained, or new access controls can be set up after migration.

How Nasuni is Different from Traditional Archiving

Traditional Archiving

Traditional archive solutions such as on-premises ‘active-archive’ systems or remote tape libraries have many drawbacks:

  • Continuous investments must be made in hardware and datacenter footprint, adding cost, complexity and management overhead as archives grow.
  • Archiving to tape or a multi-tiered remote solution means waiting hours or days for a file to be retrieved, and incurs physical shipping or WAN acceleration costs.
  • Retrieval delays multiply if the wrong file is pulled up and the process must be repeated.
  • Archive data could be lost completely if the removable media is faulty.

Nasuni Archiving

By contrast, Nasuni is powered by Nasuni UniFS, the first cloud-native global file system. Our cloud-first architecture stores “gold copies” of all cool files in your preferred private or public cloud object store. Nasuni edge appliances located on-premises provide high performance cached access to files once they are accessed, making the cool data hot.

Access speed to non-cached files is based on the bandwidth to the cloud storage you choose, and enhanced by built-in deduplication and compression, giving you complete control over cool storage performance. With Nasuni, you get unlimited cool storage capacity and long-term retention, while minimizing on-premises datacenter and IT operations costs.

Nasuni Active Archiving Benefits

Reduce Costs

Instead of being tied to complex hardware, Nasuni correlates costs directly to the cool storage capacity consumed and the level of access required for the archived data. The result is massive cost savings. Cloud storage scales in place without limits, eliminating additional costs related to storage refreshes, forklift upgrades, and data migrations.

Increase Agility

There is no more guessing about how much cool storage will be needed for the future. Adding more capacity can be performed on demand with a simple license update.

Reduce Risk

Backup and disaster recovery are built-in. Depending on which tier of cloud object storage you use, the cool storage can be geo-redundant. You’re finally able to match archiving requirements to the appropriate level of storage and risk at the right price point, all through a single solution.

Gain Insight

Nasuni provides an active archive, making it easy to run analytics and extract value from your cool storage. While traditional archive solutions impose a significant access delay in return for low-cost, long-term data retention, Nasuni edge appliances provide instant access to archive data once it is called back from the cloud.