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Mergers & Acquisitions Integration

Make Your New Organization Pay Off Even Faster

Sure, mergers and acquisitions are a dream for strategic planners, but they can be a nightmare for IT. Nasuni accelerates the integration of newly acquired offices and companies, allowing end users, IT, and the business to be productive in new ways even faster.

Put Your New Organization on a Modern Platform

Mergers and acquisitions have long been a huge challenge for IT. Bringing in new locations and new users, integrating different Active Directory and LDAP settings, and figuring out how to oversee different NAS systems are just the start. The new locations probably have different backup and DR solutions, too. Integrating and then managing this complex ecosystem of IT silos has been a slog. Until now.

With Nasuni, new locations immediately become part of a modern, unified platform that delivers file storage, built-in cloud backup, unified management, and more. Operating within private or public object storage, the Nasuni UniFS® Global File System scales to any number of locations or end users. Integrating a new office is as simple as installing a physical or virtual Nasuni Edge Appliance and migrating the new file data into the global file system.

“We were actually a set of 12 different holding companies that had grown through acquisition, and what that meant was everybody had their own storage solution, their own data center-at one point we actually had 62 different offices and 62 different storage solutions. So I needed to come up with storage solution that would satisfy me globally and ideally, do it cheaper.”

CIO, Sound United, maker of Marantz, Denon, and Polk Audio
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Point, Click, Done: Quickly Integrate New Sites

From engineering designs to medical images or Office docs, files are the lifeblood of many organizations. That’s why strategic acquisitions have to integrate people AND their files as fast as possible. Nasuni rapidly onboards new offices and their end users by securely granting new locations and virtual teams fast access to the parent company’s files – and vice versa.

“With Nasuni, everyone now has local access to all files and IT still has centralized control because we’re able to deploy Nasuni Edge Appliances in every office for local performance and manage them from HQ. It doesn’t matter if it is two locations or twenty because they are all managed the same.”

Sandy Bodell, VP of Information Technology, Cooley Group
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Secure New Locations in Minutes, Not Weeks with Advanced AD and LDAP Integration

Integrating AD and LDAP used to take weeks. Even months. With Nasuni it’s just a few minutes. Every company has its own Active Directory or LDAP setup. So when one company acquires another, that usually means the parent organization has to reconfigure these settings and rearchitect the attached storage hardware. Nasuni has changed all that by supporting multiple AD and LDAP domains. Both the parent company and the acquired organization can continue using their existing authentication and access policies.

“Nasuni has enabled us to move from a rigid, capital-intensive hardware cycle to an as-a-service, pay-as-we-grow model. That agility has helped us in all aspects of our business, from file collaboration in remote offices to digesting new acquisitions to better protecting our critical project assets from disasters.”

Skip Hansen, VP of IT Operations, APi Group
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Future-Proof Your IT Platform

Once you are on Nasuni, future changes to your organization are much easier to implement. Because it’s a single, centrally-managed platform that includes file storage, DR, and yes – all your file backup – you no longer have to change these systems when you change organizations. And with Nasuni’s synchronization and version control services, you can enable faster, better cross-company collaboration than ever before.

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