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Data Center Consolidation

Perform at the Edge. Control from the Center.

Lower costs, more control, pooled resources – data center consolidation with Nasuni does all that while actually improving file availability and scalable file access. Better yet, your end users won’t even know there’s been a change.

Moving Data Centers to the Cloud is Complicated.
Nasuni Makes It Simple.

The Nasuni UniFS® global file system stores, protects, and continuously updates all file data, from all locations, in limitless private or public cloud object storage. Your data centers are consolidated into one private or public cloud volume, but since files are simultaneously cached on Nasuni Edge Appliances, your end users still enjoy LAN-speed performance. Plus you won’t need backup or DR anymore, either.

Opt for a total platform

If you are going through the headache of data center consolidation, why not move to a single platform that means you will never have to move your data again? Nasuni’s cloud-based solution means that all your file versions are available in the object store. This eliminates the need for traditional backup infrastructure so you optimize costs. Worried about the expense of a DR site? Nasuni eliminates the need for a disaster recovery site, and instead restores files in minutes.

Scale up End User Satisfaction

Worried that end-users will complain about slow file access?  No need to.  Nasuni not only stores files in the cloud, but caches them on Edge Appliances so your end users can access them with LAN-speed performance. Files lost or accidentally deleted? No problem. Nasuni restores them in minutes. No more adding network bandwidth to keep up with serving users thousands of miles away.

“With Nasuni edge appliances acting as the file server on site and only having to be just big enough to store the active files, our designers are getting their files at local LAN speed. We’ve been able to apply the cost savings of not having large NAS arrays in remote offices to the purchase of other needed IT resources.”

Calvin Olson, IT Manager, APi Group
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Slash Costs and Strengthen Control

Delete the costs associated with data replication, data center back up, or additional bandwidth. Forget managing excess equipment, floorspace, or real estate. Consolidating with Nasuni produces real savings – up to 70% reduction in infrastructure costs – while increasing your control through a unified management console. The result? More cycles for strategic IT projects that move your business forward.

“It’s straightforward math – we get hardware savings by moving from on-prem storage to cloud storage.”

Global Technology Solutions Manager, Cushman & Wakefield
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