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Cloud First

Many enterprises are moving applications and compute resources to the cloud. But what about files? A cloud first strategy for unstructured data is scalable, high-performance, and cost-effective. And Nasuni Cloud File Services is proven to get you there fast.

The File System Every Cloud Needs

To make a cloud first strategy work for files, you’re going to need cloud object storage. And to make object storage suitable for file storage, you’re going to need a file system. Nasuni’s patented UniFS global file system is the first designed to scale natively in public or private cloud object storage.

“Given our multi-petabyte requirements, the scalability of Nasuni’s cloud-native file system was a major factor in our selection process. Other solutions we looked at were controller-based, and thus constrained by hardware limits. We needed a solution that would scale with our underlying private cloud storage, while still giving every office high-speed access to files. Nasuni has worked as advertised.”

Adam Sharp, International CIO, TBWA
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Cloud First – with Your Choice of Cloud

When you’re going cloud first, you want options. Nasuni keeps them all open. Our integration with the leading public and private cloud object storage solutions and our flexible architecture lets you choose what’s best for your business.

Deploy your new cloud first file infrastructure completely on-premises using Nasuni with private cloud object storage. If your connections to the public cloud are fast enough, go all-cloud using Nasuni with public cloud object storage and cloud-hosted Nasuni Edge Appliances. Or, choose the popular hybrid cloud model, using Nasuni with public cloud object storage and local edge appliances on-premises. You can even use Nasuni with multiple object storage platforms if you have a multi-cloud strategy.

A Quick Cloud-First Win for IT

Your cloud first strategy for file storage has to impact your bottom line right way. A quick win – with real savings – will earn you the right to execute more strategic IT projects. Nasuni delivers seamless integration, with a rapid and painless shift to on-premises or public cloud object storage. You’ll shrink your data center infrastructure dramatically, eliminating NAS, file servers, backup and DR infrastructure, floor space, heating and cooling demands, and more.

Uninterrupted User Satisfaction

Cloud first doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice performance. With Nasuni, you get the best of cloud scalability and cost savings, while delivering local, high-performance file access for users in all locations.

Nasuni UniFS extends itself anywhere high performance file access is needed using Nasuni Edge Appliances, which cache just the actively used files and their associated metadata from object storage.

By replacing full-sized file servers and NAS devices with virtual or physical Nasuni Edge Appliances that are just big enough to cache the active files, and that support standard CIFS and NFS file sharing protocols, you can provide fast, on-premises file access at all sites at a fraction of the cost.

“Nasuni is an all-in-one solution. The fact that they built a file system that starts in cloud object storage and extends out to our offices via physical and virtual appliances defines them as the leader in helping businesses like us manage large amounts of data efficiently.”

Brian Weir, VP of Technical Services, Allied Integrated Marketing
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Your Cloud First Strategy Can Reduce Costs by Up To 70%

Purchasing and maintaining hardware has been the file storage norm for years. So has over-provisioning, depreciation, costly forklift upgrades, and painful data migrations.

With a Nasuni File Services subscription, you pay only for the storage you need, when you need it. Expansion is instantaneous and on-demand so you never have to move your data again!  In all, Nasuni can save you up to 70%.

“We are getting big savings by eliminating on-premises storage and data protection infrastructure and simplifying management.”

Global Technology Solutions Manager, Cushman & Wakefield
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Accelerating Leading Brands Into the Cloud

Growing creative file sizes. Teams spread across 305 offices. Find out why this advertising innovator went cloud first with Nasuni.

Discover how Nasuni helped one of the world’s largest commercial real estate firms modernize file storage and cut costs.


With PBs of file data spread across 600 locations, the world’s largest AE firm needed a cloud first solution that really scales.

NASUNI Enables Business & IT [HIDDEN]

  • Archive files as WORM for long-term reference without ever running out of space.
  • Retrieve critical application files from archive storage without delay and access them at local LAN speed.
  • Roll back to any version of archived files to any point in time.
  • Access and write to archive storage from any location (requires NASUNI SYNCHRONIZE premium service).