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Business Continuity

Eliminate Downtime Permanently

What if your employees never had to stop working because of outages, disasters, or even time zone differences? What if everyone everywhere always had access to the files they need? Nasuni keeps your business running no matter what. That’s real business continuity.

How a Cloud-Native File System Delivers True Business Continuity

The Nasuni UniFS® global file system stores, protects, and continuously updates all file data in limitless private or public cloud object storage. Since UniFS® operates in the cloud, the file system can synchronize multiple access points, which means file changes in one place immediately propagate to other offices.

This enables a new kind of global collaboration workflow, but it also allows organizations to maintain business-as-usual in every scenario. In the event of a local outage, failure, or disaster, access automatically shifts to a synchronized appliance. Users point to the other location, click, and get on with their work.

No Project Downtime. No Matter What

A site outage shouldn’t mean progress on a project comes to a halt. And it doesn’t anymore. Even a total failure at one location won’t impact productivity for long. Nasuni is always working, not just during failures, because the platform is always synching changes through the cloud-based file system. Following a disaster at one site, access immediately shifts to a second appliance, restoring end user access to the files they need. Once this site is back online, the user is redirected, and all the changes flow back to that location.

“With Nasuni, we have so many caching appliances, users can just bounce to the next available one. Before, if we lost a file server, it was gone until we could do a full restore. Files are a lot more highly available now.”

Cushman and Wakefield

Support 24x7 Workflows at Scale

Maybe you have your design team in one hemisphere and testing and QA in another. Maybe engineering is in Europe and manufacturing happens in Asia. With Nasuni, all teams, in all locations, can quickly and securely access the most recent versions of even the most complex files. Collaboration follows the sun, so the lights never go out on your business, and your organization never stops producing. Nasuni delivers business continuity on a global, 24/7 scale.

Access and Synchronize Files from Any Location

When your file system lives in the cloud, file changes happening in one place are automatically synched to object storage, then immediately synchronized back out to the other locations. End users get access to the most recent versions of files anywhere in the world, without worrying about editing conflicts. Distance isn’t an excuse anymore. Nasuni allows organizations to get more out of their global talent, unleashing productivity, improving outcomes, and accelerating time to market.

microsoft office access anywhere

“One of the strengths of our business is the number of engineering specialists we can call upon to support our clients. We need to be able to form dynamic, cross-functional teams made up of these specialists no matter where they are located. This cannot be accomplished without a fast, efficient way to store and share files. We’re now a year into our deployment, and we’re pleased with how much easier this solution is for our IT team to manage.”

Herman Muliady, head of ICT Global, M+W Group
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Increase Productivity Across Your Organization

Employees in remote and branch offices don’t have to be hamstrung by slow file access. Project teams spread between different global offices can start operating as if they’re on the same floor. Nasuni Cloud File Services ensures that the most recent versions of files are available at LAN speed to end users everywhere with the proper permissions. One client is seeing a 10X increase in global project builds versus on-premises NAS storage.

“The workflow typically had been that NY would start working on something and then they either had to send it through a file transfer or copy it to an FTP server. With Nasuni, we’ve created a volume that both locations share, and the directories and all the files they contain are automatically synchronized in real-time on both ends. Workers in each office can access what they need when they need it without having to consciously doing anything or bothering people in the other office.”

Brian Weir, VP of Technical Services, Allied Integrated Marketing
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