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Object Storage and Nasuni

Scale and Durability Behind the Ease and Performance of File Storage

Object storage seems like the perfect place for files – until you start dealing with latency, incompatible apps, and egress charges. That’s why Nasuni built a solution that leverages the power of object storage while delivering the ease and performance of file storage.

Why Object Storage Needs a Global File System

Object storage offers unprecedented scale, reliability, and cost savings. But it’s not built for storing and retrieving files. Pulling lots of files from the cloud on a regular basis can incur extensive egress charges, and introduce too much latency for everyday applications. The alternative – rewriting applications for the cloud – can be expensive and time-consuming. Gateway products offered by object storage vendors don’t solve the egress charge problem, nor do they help manage across multiple sites and users.

Nasuni changes all this. The Nasuni platform leverages object storage to achieve unlimited scalability for your file storage and offer powerful new capabilities.

Optimize Your Object Storage Mix

Nasuni lets you choose your cloud or even multiple clouds for your file storage and retrieval. Using one cloud for Marketing and another object storage solution for Engineering? Moving from one object storage solution to another? Investing in private cloud? Nasuni allows you to benefit from scalable object storage regardless of your cloud strategy.

Take Advantage of Object Storage Strengths

Nasuni provides a more robust solution than on-premises traditional file storage by translating object storage benefits into benefits for your file system and end users:

  • Capacity

    Never run out of file system disk space again. Ever.

  • Access

    Global access – retrieve files from anywhere, any time.

  • Availability & Durability

    Keep files longer and increase file availability to the levels guaranteed by object storage vendors

“Given our multi-petabyte requirements, the scalability of Nasuni’s cloud-native file system was a major factor in our selection process. Other solutions we looked at were controller-based, and thus constrained by hardware limits. We needed a solution that would scale with our underlying private cloud storage, while still giving every office high-speed access to files. Nasuni has worked as advertised.”

Adam Sharp, International CIO, TBWA
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Add Radical New Capabilities

What if you could totally eliminate your file backup infrastructure? What if you could reduce or eliminate your investment in disaster recovery? What if users could collaborate across any distance and millions of files synchronized themselves in the cloud? These are just some of the radical new capabilities you get when combine the power of Nasuni and object storage.

Reduce Object Storage Latency and Egress Charges

If you are storing files in the public cloud – video, images, media – egress charges can add a (sometimes) hefty and unpredictable premium to your cloud storage bill. And file access can take longer than end-users have patience for.

Nasuni will significantly reduce your egress charges and latency with its Edge Appliance architecture. All files are stored in the cloud, but frequently accessed files are also stored in local cache where the hit rate can be as high as 99%. Deduplication and compression minimize object storage usage. Good bye egress charges, and hello fast access.

“Nasuni has enabled us to move from a rigid, capital-intensive hardware cycle to an as-a-service, pay-as-we-grow model. That agility has helped us in all aspects of our business, from file collaboration in remote offices to digesting new acquisitions to better protecting our critical project assets from disasters.”

Skip Hansen, VP of IT Operations, APi Group
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