Scale Out Storage

Uncontrolled and unpredictable data growth destroys even the best storage plans. Unlike other Scale Out Storage products, Nasuni solves the challenge by locally caching cloud storage. The result is less hardware to manage and lower costs.



Despite your best efforts, data is growing at exponential rates. PowerPoint files, Excel files, photos, video, and every other type of unstructured data are filling disks and forcing the purchase of more storage. The pace of data creation is increasing, and the rate of deletion is only slowing. Retention policies are lengthening, and many businesses now have a policy of “delete nothing.” You know it all too well – storage demands are skyrocketing and budgets are shrinking. How can you manage all of the data and associated tasks within your budget?

The Nasuni Scale Out Storage Solution

Nasuni is a Scale Out Storage system built for massive scale. Using the cloud and not local hardware to scale allows Nasuni to grow to billions of objects and petabytes of data without any performance degradation. Just like hardware-based Scale Out Storage, Nasuni uses multiple copies and snapshots to eliminate the need for secondary backup or offsite systems.

“Nasuni’s scale out storage solution ended up being perfect because I don’t have to worry about scaling capacity—they have limitless storage in the cloud. This is huge for us because we’re constantly being bombarded by large data sets that need to be reviewed.”

— Matt Donehoo, Director of Information Systems


Unlimited Scaling Nasuni Filers are sophisticated caching devices that present the entire file system, but use their local storage to serve up the most recently accessed and pre-seclected (pinned) files. Combined with the infinite storage space in the cloud, the Nasuni solution can scale regardless of how fast your organization and its data are growing, without requiring frequent additional hardware purchases. Nasuni’s patented UniFS® file system has no scaling limits and does not degrade as the object counts or terabytes increase. Whether the system is 10TB, 100TB or 10PB, it is available through every Filer – regardless of size or local hardware.

Integrated Backup – Nasuni combines storage, backup and offsite DR into a single solution. Every Filer leverages an unlimited stream of snapshots to make restoring files, folders or entire directories as simple as a few clicks. No additional backup software is necessary. With multiple copies of every snapshot stored in the cloud across multiple geographies, the enterprise is fully protected in case of a disaster. Full restore is as simple as starting up a virtual machine.

Cost Savings – Rather than focus on selling expensive hardware, Nasuni’s storage as a service combines cost-efficient hardware with pay-as-you-grow cloud storage to deliver major cost savings for customers. This movement away from hardware-based storage means that Nasuni clients are saving as much as 50% – 70% over traditional offerings and Scale Out Storage systems.


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Eliminating Scaling Challenges with Nasuni File Services

One of the biggest challenges in data storage management is effectively scaling capacity to meet growing needs of the business. Whether growing capacity requirements are driven by more, larger files or the addition of new offices, the root cause of the challenge is the limitations of the hardware that form the backbone of traditional data storage infrastructure.








Leveraging the Cloud for Scale-out NAS

Enterprising organizations facing the pain of data growth turn to Scale-out NAS solutions. Both hardware-based and cloud-based Scale-out NAS technologies provide scalable storage, but with significantly different approaches.


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