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Collaborative AEC Firms Use Revit and Nasuni

As Revit files grow larger and project teams become more distributed, a global file system becomes the only way for BIM managers, project leaders, architects, and engineers to effectively collaborate.

Nasuni is the leader in Revit file sharing and multi-site collaboration. The Nasuni UniFS® global file system leverages the cloud to eliminate the Revit space, latency, versioning, and performance issues common with antiquated NAS infrastructure.

Consolidate your Revit files on Nasuni. You’ll ensure projects are on-time and on-budget. Improve engineering and design team productivity. And save IT resources and budget, too.

“We have 8 offices using Revit to deliver a wide range of Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Environmental, Structural, and Water Resources services. Nasuni is how we share our Revit models across all locations and protect our data. Using Nasuni for the last three years has really had a positive overall impact on Revit performance and efficiency.”

Brent Morris, IT Manager, Widseth Smith Nolting

Never run out of Revit storage.

Revit models now range from 250 MB to 1 GB in size, putting constant space pressure on group directories and project shares. With Nasuni, you’ll never run out of space again. Limitless capacity can be added on-demand simply by increasing your cloud storage subscription. Nasuni Edge Appliances only store active Revit files on-premises, so space can be added without even upgrading local hardware.

Never run out of Revit storage
Provide Revit file access anywhere

Provide Revit file access anywhere.

Revit project teams are often geographically distributed across multiple offices and job sites. By providing global access to the same Revit files in any location, Nasuni enables you to leverage employees and contractors anywhere in the world, optimizing expertise wherever it exists. You’ll avoid the cost and productivity drain of relocating employees to different sites, or having to rely on the skills in a single office.

Improve Revit performance.

Revit overwhelms device-based file systems with its large file sizes and hundreds of opens, lookups, locks, closes, and unlocks. Not to mention the wait times of transferring large Revit files all around the world. By using the cloud as an efficient file transfer backbone, patented delta difference “sharding” technology that minimizes the amount of data that is transferred, and local Edge Appliances that store active Revit files locally, Nasuni reduces Revit file open times from minutes to seconds and enables users to sync with central storage at local LAN speeds. Revit users are more productive, and projects get completed faster.

Improve Revit performance
Enable Revit multi-site collaboration without version conflict

Enable Revit multi-site collaboration without version conflict.

Revit’s Synchronize with Central feature is adequate for collaborating on the same Revit models in a single site. But cross-site Sync with Central introduces significant overhead and version conflicts that can result in lost work. With Nasuni, globally distributed teams can collaborate on Revit files like they are in the same office. Nasuni Global File Locking, implemented as a scalable cloud service, enables distributed teams to work on the same project, while ensuring only one user has write access.

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