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Varonis Makes the Nasuni Cloud File Services Platform Even More Secure

Nasuni’s partnership with Varonis and integration with the Varonis Data Security Platform enable you to detect and stop insider threats before they impact your business.

Varonis Brings User Behavior Analytics to Nasuni

Nasuni securely stores your unstructured data in public or on-premises cloud object storage, then caches the subset of data that is actively used on edge appliances wherever high performance access is needed. Just like with legacy NAS or file servers, Varonis runs on Nasuni edge appliances to:

  • Find and lock down sensitive data
  • Visualize data access and audit usage
  • Achieve and sustain a least privilege access model
  • Automate data migrations and disposition
  • Simplify compliance activities

“With CAD and other types of unstructured data growing and playing a critical role in every project, a scalable file infrastructure that enables us to quickly store, collaborate on, and recover files is essential. At the same time, we need to be able to prevent malware, ransomware, and other threats from compromising our file data. The joint Nasuni-Varonis solution gives us best-in-class capabilities for file storage and file security, and enhances our ability to maintain tight schedules, while keeping IT costs down.”

Dennis DiPalma, MIS Project Leader, PJ Dick– Trumbull – Lindy Paving

Challenges Nasuni with Varonis Can Overcome

Varonis integration with Nasuni’s global file system enables you to:

  • Stop ransomware from destroying files
  • Find and lock down regulated data
  • Ensure unstructured data stored in Nasuni is compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, and other compliance mandates
  • Automate data migrations and disposition
  • Simplify compliance activities
  • Move the right data into Nasuni and object storage more quickly
  • Fix incorrect or inappropriate file permissions

“Companies are shifting from traditional file storage approaches to cloud-based architectures that offer scalability and cross-office collaboration. Our integration with Nasuni addresses this transformation, providing joint customers with a comprehensive solution for storing, sharing, protecting, and defending their data on premises and in the cloud – while also addressing GDPR and other requirements by discovering and classifying personal identifying information.”

David Bass, EVP of Engineering and CTO, Varonis

How Nasuni and Varonis Work Together

The Varonis Data Security Platform analyzes data gathered by the collector, enabling Varonis DatAdvantage and Data Classification Engine to apply their respective auditing, permissions management, user behavior analytics, and access governance features.

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