Fighting Ransomware with Nasuni

The Evolution of Ransomware

Ransomware is evolving. The hackers behind the original Cryptolocker trojan were stopped in 2014, but the imitators are growing in numbers and sophistication. Today, ransomware targets a much wider range of file types, and hackers have specifically aimed their attacks at the enterprise.

The unsettling truth is that almost any business can fall victim to ransomware. Traditional backup and Disaster Recovery solutions offer little help, so companies either pay ransoms or say goodbye to critical files. The situation is so dire that the FBI has even suggested companies give in to ransom demands. But this is not necessary. With the right data protection solution in place, fighting ransomware is simple, and your business can overcome these attacks.

We know because our clients have been telling us how Nasuni has helped them dismiss ransom demands and restore access to their files with minimal disruption to business. Thanks to Nasuni’s frequent, unlimited snapshots and 15-minute DR, one customer avoided ransoms totaling $2M.

Learn how to fend off potential Ransomware attacks with these resources

To help you better understand the ransomware threat and how to fight back, we have compiled a few key analyst reports, customer stories and blog posts. Take a look and let us know if you’d like to learn more about how Nasuni can help you protect your unstructured data.



Solving the Ransomware Problem: Backup or Cloud Storage?

Ransomware is most typically triggered by an unsuspecting user clicking on a link in email they shouldn’t touch. That link downloads the ransomware code and it starts crawling through the network looking for files to encrypt. As these attacks increase in their sophistication, they target specific corporate servers. Download this solution brief to learn more about how to leverage the cloud to fight back against ransomware.



The Evolution of Ransomware and How It’s Targeting the Enterprise [Blog]

This overview of the ransomware problem discusses how the latest ransomware attacks have evolved and why traditional backup systems are ill-equipped to handle them.

How Nasuni Cloud NAS Defused a Digital Standoff [Blog]

A cryptolocker trojan locked up 62,000 files at one of our client’s offices. Find out how they completely restored access and lost only 18 minutes of work.

Customer Webcast: The Lewis Group of Companies

Join Nasuni and IS Project Manager Michael Viselli of The Lewis Group of Companies on June 8th as we discuss how Viselli used Nasuni to recover from several ransomware attacks.

How to Fight Ransomware [Infographic]

A by-the-numbers look at the damage ransomware viruses have inflicted on businesses, the impact of downtime and data loss and why cloud-based protection can make companies immune.

Customer Webcast:

Learn how Lewis Group of Companies was able to defuse a digital standoff using Nasuni in this customer webcast:


New infographic provides a by-the-numbers look at the growing threat of Ransomware to business: How to Fight Ransomware.

“Nasuni solves a multitude of file and unstructured data problems and it happens to solve the ransomware problem quite nicely.”

– George Crump, Lead Analyst, Storage Switzerland, LLC