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Nasuni Summer 2018 (8.3) Release Announcement

August 2, 2018

To: All Nasuni Customers and Partners
Subject: Nasuni Summer 2018 (8.3) Release Announcement

Dear Valued Nasuni Customers and Partners:

I trust you are enjoying the summer months. Things continue to be very busy here at Nasuni! The quarter that ended June 30 saw the Company again establish new records for bookings, growth, and revenue. New customers using the Nasuni Cloud File Services platform include some of the world’s largest companies in diverse industries including beverage manufacturers, consumer products, biotechnology, and financial services. Existing customers continue to move more workloads onto our platform which resulted in renewal rates of greater than 100%!

I am reaching out to you today, however, to announce the availability of the Nasuni Summer 2018 Release (also known as version 8.3), which will start to be distributed to customers in a staged approach this week. This release continues our record of listening to our customers and delivering innovative enhancements to our Cloud File Services platform to help you better store, protect, synchronize, and collaborate on your fast-growing file data.

This latest version of Nasuni software contains major performance and ease of management improvements that all our customers will want to leverage which are detailed below.

This version also introduces a change to the cloud-based message bus service that Nasuni uses to communicate between the Nasuni Management Console (NMC) and all edge appliances in your environment. This change is included in the Summer 2018 release because the message bus service used in previous releases is being end-of-lifed in November 2018. This means that all customers will need to upgrade their NMC(s) and all edge appliances to the Summer 2018 release prior to November 1, 2018 or you will lose the ability to manage edge appliances through the NMC.

As always, you should upgrade your NMC first. An NMC running version 8.3 can communicate with both 8.3 appliances using the new messaging service, and 8.0.x and earlier appliances using the old message bus. Once the old service is disabled, 8.0.X and earlier appliances will no longer communicate with the NMC. However, access to your file data through a Nasuni Edge Appliance will not be impacted.

Here are some of the key enhancements in Nasuni Summer 2018 Release.


As with every product release, we strive to improve Nasuni file access and data propagation performance. With this in mind, we are delivering the following enhancements:

  • An enhancement that significantly improves data propagation for directory information by using a unique sharding technique to more efficiently push and sync directory changes to cloud object storage and to other edge appliances sharing the data.
  • A performance enhancement that enables customers with large directories to list and manipulate those directories much faster than in the past.
  • A significant improvement to the responsiveness of the NMC User Interface in large, complex environments to load pages with large tables.
  • An enhancement to Nasuni Global File Lock™ that enables Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) applications such as Siemens Teamcenter to accelerate large file distribution to multiple locations by ~5X.

Ease of Management

The new release also includes a number of enhancements to make the operation and management of Nasuni easier and more reliable:

  • The ability to export Nasuni notifications and file audit data to Syslog for subsequent post-processing by analysis tools.
  • A change to the cloud-based message bus service that we use to communicate between the NMC and Edge Appliances in your environment from an Azure-based service to a more compatible service in Amazon.
  • An improvement in the way we manage shared links for exchanging file data with external partners and contractors.
  • Support for an additional private object storage vendor, Western Digital, and their ActiveScale object storage solution.

Other Product Enhancements and Documentation Updates

The Nasuni Summer 2018 release contains many other product enhancements and documentation updates that are too numerous to mention in this letter. I encourage you to download and read the release notes to get a better understanding of all the enhancements and fixes that are being delivered in this release.

What’s Coming Next

The Nasuni Engineering team is already hard at work on the next set of enhancements targeted for the Nasuni Fall 2018 release, planned for general availability in November 2018. In the Fall release, we are focusing on more data propagation performance improvements and new features that will give you more visibility into the overall performance of your Nasuni environment. We are also planning more enhancements to the NMC REST API along with support for additional private and public object storage providers and virtual machine hypervisors. Another release candidate is new edge appliance hardware options for high performance workloads and faster migrations.

Important Reminder!

A reminder to customers that are still running an OS2 version of Nasuni (any edge appliance installed prior to v7.0): support for that version will end on September 30, 2018. You can upgrade from version 7.10.12 and higher directly to version 8.3. As always, the Nasuni Customer Success team is available to provide guidance if you have questions about this required upgrade.

Our Continued Commitment to Quality

When I reached out to you in March to announce the availability of our Spring 2018 (8.0) release, it was right after a couple of outages that impacted some of our customers. I told you that we would be making changes to our product delivery and patch release processes to ensure that we deliver very high quality and stable software releases in the future. Those changes have been implemented in Nasuni and I am pleased to report that our 8.0 release and the 3 patch releases that we’ve delivered since March have been very stable. We expect the Summer 2018, 8.3 release to further improve on that record and we will continue to focus on quality improvements in all aspects of our product.

I look forward to working with you to help you efficiently manage your ever-growing data storage requirements, and better meet the digital transformation needs of the business with Nasuni Cloud File Services.


Russell P. Kennedy
Chief Product Officer