Bigger, Better, Safer, and So Much Easier

July 26, 2023 | Andres Rodriguez Bigger, Better, Safer, and So Much Easier

You work at a very large company. Until recently you were intrigued by a solution like ours, but we were a curiosity and not a priority. You questioned whether a new type of solution was necessary. As the old saying goes, nobody gets fired for buying more IBM.

Now leadership is demanding you shift to the cloud. They want less hardware and more SaaS across the organization. They want out of the data center business. Your longtime storage vendor leads you down the path of least resistance and you begin to evaluate their new “cloud” solution. At first this lift-and-shift approach looks promising, but as you project forward, you start to see how your costs will skyrocket at scale.

This is roughly the point at which Nasuni’s hybrid cloud file platform surfaces. Maybe someone on your team mentions the platform. Maybe it’s someone in your expanded circle of IT colleagues or a new executive who deployed our technology at their previous company. Or it might even be the contact at your preferred cloud storage provider, who wants you to look at their in-house solution while quietly noting that Nasuni might be a better long-term fit at scale. Eventually, after some technical due diligence, you arrive at the same conclusion: Nasuni is a superior file services solution for large organizations.

Why? There are four basic reasons.

1. Bigger

Nasuni was designed from the outset to scale efficiently to any size. All your file storage capacity moves off your local hardware, out of offices and data centers and manufacturing plants and studios into cloud object storage, and your end users all over the world still enjoy fast access to their files. As your capacity grows, you will not need to add volumes. There are no capacity limits, no file count limits, no snapshot limits, no limits, period.

Other solutions only scale efficiently to a point. Then they begin to grow like a fungus, sprouting new offshoots in the form of additional volumes. Eventually you hit limitations that drive up your costs, management complexity, or both. For example, all legacy storage architectures have Volume-level limits. This forces customers to manage many more Volumes than are strictly necessary. The legacy vendors wave their hands over Volume limitations, suggesting you look at these multiple Volumes as a single larger Volume. But you still have to babysit many small Volumes in order to achieve scale. You have to tend to the spreading fungus. This is not what the cloud is about. Cloud is about efficiency at scale.

Nasuni is bigger because the technology not only grows to any scale, but continues to operate the same way and deliver savings as you grow, expanding more like the cosmos, with all the same universal laws and patterns remaining constant regardless of size.

2. Better

Yes, better. We are better at capacity, but in a larger sense, because of how our platform is architected, we are better at providing file services in the cloud. Nasuni’s cloud-centric design not only facilitates global synchronization of files and workflows, but also makes it easier for us to develop and deploy additional services.

Every one of our customers enjoys the core Nasuni benefits of unlimited capacity, fast file access, and automatic data protection for users all over the world. Depending on your industry or the nature of your business, global synchronization might not be important, but our ransomware protection add-on could be essential. The beauty is that you decide which additional services work best for you.

3. Safer

Backup for files is a bad idea. Backup is not a scalable solution. The larger your data set, the longer the backup itself and the longer the recovery process will take. This is risky because ransomware exploits the slow recovery time of backup to extract financial penalties.

The failure of backup is the reason data protection is suddenly a topic of conversation in executive meetings. Ransomware impacts your files, but backup hurts your business. If your users cannot access their files, they cannot conduct normal operations, and your organization loses money. Nasuni is safer because it does not rely on backup. Instead, we rely on immutable versioning to recover rapidly. The platform automatically protects your files and your business.

Our customers detect attacks sooner, recover faster, and have never paid a ransom. It’s that safe.

4. Easier

Finally, we make file services easier. Your complex, diverse, distributed file storage and data protection infrastructure will be transformed into a single cloud platform. Data protection is easier. Management is much easier. You won’t have to deploy separate management consoles and babysit multiple volumes. You simply expand as needed. And we make it easier to move to cloud services.

A top-down cloud mandate is stressful. The executive team wants you to completely transform your infrastructure and do so without disrupting operations. This is not a simple overnight upgrade.

At Nasuni we have migration tools, a battle-tested methodology, and an award-winning, dedicated team focused on guiding you through an accelerated, painless migration to the cloud. Our customers achieve ROI and start earning internal credibility earlier. We do everything we can to make you look like a genius to the C-Suite.

Bigger, Better, Safer, Easier

Your longtime storage partner probably has a familiar upgrade ready for you and I imagine a lift and shift is tempting. I understand the allure of a trusted brand; I have been wearing LOWA boots for 20 years.

But we are undergoing a major architectural shift in storage technology. In order to really gain the benefits of cloud, one cannot see it as a destination for running the old technology. That will never give you the leverage you want at scale and will almost certainly cost you more than you are paying today in your own data centers. I can stick with the same boots because footwear design hasn’t evolved significantly. Storage technology is not shoes. Cloud is an entirely new medium. It demands an entirely new way of storing and protecting your files.

Nasuni is no longer a startup. We are not a risk – we are a highlight on your CV. Our IT and CIO proponents take us to their new companies when they switch jobs. We count many of the largest organizations in the world as our customers.

We are not designed to be a temporary fix. We are your solution for the next 20 years.

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