File Backup and Recovery

Built-in Backup Lets You Set it and Forget it

File backup simply happens with Nasuni. No tapes, no disk to disk systems to maintain. Simply decide on your recovery point objective (RPO) and the system handles it automatically. It’s so simple in fact that many companies offer self-service file restore to their end users, which ends up freeing up hours of IT support time.

Blazing Fast File Recovery

Files, even volumes, can be recovered in minutes with Nasuni, try that with traditional methods! Faster file recovery means faster return to productivity for project teams, leaders and end users.

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Massive Cost Savings

Over 50% of investment in legacy file infrastructure goes to backup systems and licenses. By choosing to modernize your file infrastructure with Nasuni, you eliminate the need for this extra investment while protecting your data comprehensively.

Data Protection

Nasuni’s patented Continuous File Versioning takes much more frequent snapshots than a typical backup solution and retains these snapshots as long as you like. You can restore files to within a very precise timeframe while also keeping a highly detailed version history of your data. Data is securely encrypted and stored in redundant object storage in an immutable format. The result is unmatched data protection.