Teamcenter FMS Now Fast! Says Siemens PLM Connect Attendees

PLM Connect attendees love how much time and money they save by using Teamcenter FMS with Nasuni’s global file system! See what else they had to say here!

June 15, 2018

Last week at Siemens Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Connection 2018, Nasuni exhibited and co-presented a breakout session on “Accelerating Teamcenter File Management Service (FMS) Performance.” Manufacturing companies have been quick to adopt Nasuni Cloud File Services with cloud object storage because their file data is growing too fast for traditional NAS file servers, and they also need our unique multi-site file synchronization capabilities to share design files across numerous locations. However, the sneak preview we presented on our new option that facilitates faster Teamcenter FMS use really caught their attention!

Nasuni Accelerates Teamcenter FMS

Manufacturing companies have historically had challenges managing and collaborating on large files.  PLM tools like Siemens Teamcenter were created to help manage these files, but they were not designed to work across multiple sites. In fact, they often introduce extra complexities and inefficiencies.

To more effectively compete in the new world of globalization, manufacturing companies are looking for ways to simplify cross-office collaboration, distribute data more quickly across the enterprise, and improve the productivity of their employees.

That’s where Nasuni comes in. By presenting a single, unified file system that spans infinite locations, Nasuni makes file storage, data protection, and multi-site file collaboration more scalable, faster, and more failure-resilient. Now, we’re extending these capabilities to Teamcenter’s FMS!

Previewing Teamcenter FMS Support with Customer Aixtron

To ensure excellence for our support of Teamcenter FMS, Nasuni has been working with our customer Aixtron, a European technology leader based in Germany that specializes in manufacturing metalorganic chemical vapor deposition equipment for the semiconductor industry, and GrayHats, a provider of secure cloud solutions. By working with Aixtron and GrayHats, we´ve enhanced the Nasuni platform to extend a Teamcenter site instance to multiple geographic locations by using Teamcenter FMS Server Caches (FSCs) along with Nasuni Edge Appliances.

At Siemens PLM Connection 2018, we provided an exclusive look at this new integration at both our booth and in a breakout session with Aixtron. Aixtron CIO Olaf Rupprecht and Nasuni Founder & CTO Andres Rodriguez investigated the challenges that are now easily overcome with Nasuni’s new Teamcenter FMS support and our deployment architecture.

Benefits of Nasuni in Multi-Site Teamcenter Environments

Nasuni Cloud File Services works with all file types—Office documents, CAD, Revit, Adobe Creative Cloud files, video, graphics, and more. Its ability to store and synchronize these files across numerous sites is a necessity for PLM solutions like Teamcenter. The biggest benefit expressed by attendees is the time Nasuni saves Teamcenter users. With one global file system, users no longer have to utilize Teamcenter’s remote site check-in and check-out process, which subjects engineers to long wait times while loading remote files. They can also avoid the time lost when tracking down check-out problems that often occur because of the complexity of multi-site Teamcenter deployments.

In addition to helping Teamcenter users, Nasuni also improves the lives of the IT administrators managing the Teamcenter environment. Nasuni can replace existing backup strategies and greatly simplify data protection because all files are now stored in a single, cloud-based global file system that automatically protects files as they change. The single file system also reduces the file sprawl, making it easier to keep track of company data; instead of having to examine multiple volumes across multiple locations, administrators can get a single view of all file data.

If you’re a manufacturing company with file storage challenges in general and/or Teamcenter multi-site file sharing issues specifically, please reach out to us and schedule a time to speak with one of our specialists today about how Nasuni can help you!

If you use a PLM solution other than Teamcenter and are having similar challenges, or just want to talk more about our architecture, request a demo and an integration expert will be in touch. The extensions we are building for Teamcenter are designed to support other PLM applications, and we would love to work together with you to build a solution that meets your needs the same way we are working with Axitron!

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