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Saint Michael’s College

Saint Michael’s College, located just outside of Burlington Vermont, is a selective college for the study of liberal arts and sciences. Most of the college’s IT resources directly support the needs of 3,200 staff members and students, so Saint Michael’s IT requires storage infrastructure that just works. Their existing system of storage, disaster recovery and backup was getting so complex and difficult to manage that additional outsourced help was required just to support it. Data had grown to the point where backup could not be completed in a day. With Nasuni Cloud NAS, Saint Michael’s addressed its storage infrastructure challenge with a single solution that combines storage, backup and DR with unlimited scalability that can be easily managed by one person.

Video Transcript

Joe Pawlaczyk: My name is Joe Pawlaczyk. I am the associate director of the IT Data Center for Saint Michael’s College. Our college is located just outside Burlington, Vermont. We are a residential college with about 2,000 undergraduates living on campus. When you combine our undergrads, our graduates, and our employees, we support a total of about 3,200 users. Our campus is 440 acres, and consists of about 50 buildings.

Shawn Umansky: In roughly the past five years, we’ve definitely grown exponentially as far as our data usage goes. Supporting a datacenter really needs to be kind of a second-nature thing. It’s not our primary focus. It’s not our real job. Our real job is to support our students and our employees, and giving them the services that they need, whatever that happens to be that day. So we need a storage platform that doesn’t require our immediate focus. It should just work in the background. It just needs to run and be there when we need it to be there. We want to know that our data is safe. We want to know that it’s secure. We want to know that, if we need to restore something, we can do that. Beyond that, I don’t want to have to spend a lot of time on it. I don’t want to be going into the console every day. And with Nasuni, I don’t have to, it just works.

Joe Pawlaczyk: For us, the most important thing is the service delivery. We have built an IT department over the years that’s highly end-user focused. And as a result, people have come to expect a very high level of service. So, over the years, we’ve partnered with a number of organizations that continue in our philosophy. And Nasuni fits right in there.