CloudBound23: The Foundations & Future of Hybrid Cloud Storage

Parrish Blaszka recaps Nasuni’s fourth annual Nasuni CloudBound23 in her latest blog post featuring key takeaways about hybrid cloud storage, session highlights, and more.

November 29, 2023

We recently wrapped our annual Nasuni CloudBound conference, a two-day, expert-packed meeting designed to help organizations understand hybrid cloud storage and grow fearlessly on any cloud. This was our fourth CloudBound and once again we brought together a wide range of speakers, including Nasuni customers, members of our partner community, cloud insiders, industry experts, and our own executives and thought leaders. Did you miss it? Not to worry. All the sessions are available on-demand here.

This year we focused on the foundations and future of a hybrid cloud storage infrastructure. Our goal was to help attendees understand how to implement a hybrid cloud file data platform that delivers scalability, security, edge performance, and the promise of easily implementing additional services around data intelligence and AI. We want to help attendees understand how they can drive more value with a modern hybrid cloud storage solution.

Please consider browsing through the on-demand recordings, but in the meantime, here’s a quick overview of several key sessions.


Day 1: Foundations

Gartner estimates that consumption-based storage models are going to triple their share of total enterprise storage capacity in the next five years. Basically, your file data is going to move to the cloud if it hasn’t already, and our first day of sessions provides the foundational knowledge you need to execute an effective hybrid cloud storage strategy. This fundamentals-first approach might seem a little bit like being told you need to eat your veggies first, but choosing the right solution and then planning and designing the right migration and implementation are all critical to success. A few of our Day 1 highlights include:

Top Strategies for a Successful Cloud Journey

Our CloudBound sessions always try to convey best practices, and this session with Nasuni customers who have already led successful migrations to the cloud is invaluable for anyone staring down a potential cloud transition. These experts share their strategies for successful migrations, both from a technical and an organizational standpoint, and discuss how they worked with other stakeholders to ensure a successful transition.

Built-in Data Security and Hybrid Cloud Storage

Protecting your network and enterprise data are already paramount, but in the age of AI the internal and external threats will only grow. We brought together Nasuni’s Anne Blanchard, and Ed Amoroso and Moriah Hara of TAG InfoSphere to talk about what organizations need to consider from a security standpoint as they design a hybrid cloud environment.

The Role of Hybrid Cloud in a Public Cloud World

A modern storage solution needs to account for both data growth and constant data movement. This session with representatives from Nasuni, AWS and Presidio looks at how hybrid cloud deployments can simultaneously address these two challenges with the same solution, and why it’s now possible to securely access workloads and applications from more locations.


Day 2: Future

The effortless scalability, built-in security, and fast edge performance of hybrid cloud storage are reason enough for most organizations to make the transition. Yet once all your file data is consolidated in the cloud, some fantastic new opportunities arise. This is the focus of our second set of sessions. Our expert panelists talk about the importance of data consolidation, the potential of data intelligence and AI, and much more. Again, I encourage you to browse the content, but here are a few sessions to consider:

Envisioning Tomorrow with Data Intelligence & AI

The time to start thinking about how you might use data intelligence and AI inside your organization is now. The sooner you can consolidate your data in the cloud, the sooner you will be ready to start leveraging these tools. This session with Nasuni Chief Innovation Office Jim Liddle and Chief Product Officer Russ Kennedy offers an exciting look at the future of enterprise data and AI.

Beyond the Hype: AI and Data Intelligence in the Enterprise

All the AI hype can be confusing, and this straightforward, realistic conversation with several forward-thinking Nasuni customers is essential viewing, as they debate and discuss the potential, limitations, pitfalls, and future of AI and data intelligence in the enterprise.

How to Achieve Data-Driven Performance

The point of all this change? Results! You and your organization need real, measurable performance and efficiency gains. In this session, Enterprise Strategy Group’s Stephen Catanzano discusses the challenge of managing multiple data sources, outlines strategies to control costs, and maps out strategies for achieving data-driven performance.


Thought Leadership & Professional Development

When we launched CloudBound in 2020, the world was in the middle of a global pandemic, so we weren’t quite sure how the conference would evolve, but the virtual nature of the initial event proved to be a benefit. Today our CloudBound events offer the best of in-person and virtual meetings, as we bring experts together for fascinating conversations, while making these discussions available to IT leaders all over the world.

Our goal is to deliver valuable thought leadership content and the sort of peer insights that will help you navigate your own cloud journey. Through the participation of our customers and others, we’ve also seen how these sessions can serve as professional development content for IT leaders across industries. We’re always looking to improve and ensure the utility of the event, so please reach out to us if you have any topics you’d like to see addressed in the future.

Looking forward to seeing you at CloudBound24!

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