Why Nasuni

Unstructured File Data is Exploding

Every enterprise is struggling to store, protect, share, and manage creative content, video, audio, industry-specific application files, IoT machine-generated files, and more.

File Growth

The Cloud is an Absolute Necessity

Legacy NAS arrays, backup infrastructure, DR sites, and replication technology no longer make business sense. Private or public cloud storage is the only way enterprises can keep pace with file demands and achieve global growth, digital transformation, and cost-saving objectives.

Introducing Nasuni Cloud-Scale Enterprise File Services

Nasuni integrates previously disparate, siloed point tools into a single hybrid cloud, as-a-service solution. Engineered for the cloud, Nasuni eliminates the complexity of legacy technologies with the first global file system that unlocks the full potential of cloud object storage.

Primary File Storage (NAS)

Nasuni Cool Storage

Archive (Cool) File Storage

Backup and Recovery


Global File Access

File Synchronization

Centralized Management

Your File Services Before & After Nasuni

File infrastructure that was costly, complex, and difficult to scale becomes one that is cost-effective, simple, and massively scalable.

Magical Innovation. Clear Results.

Designing a file system that can live and scale within the cloud isn’t easy. But for Nasuni enterprise customers and the people who work there, it’s worth the effort.

Virtually Infinite File Capacity

Virtually Infinite Recovery Points

1 File System for Easy Global Access

15-Minute DR from Any Location

Save Up to 60%

Nasuni reduces your data center footprint by simplifying and converging legacy file infrastructure. Our customers typically realize an instant 50% CapEx savings by eliminating unnecessary hardware and software point solutions. Simplified IT administration boosts savings even further. Our SaaS licensing model seals the deal, transitioning heavy up-front CapEx to predictable, annual, pay-as-you-go OpEx.