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TBG Partners

The landscape architecture and planning firm TBG Partners has been growing rapidly for the past several years, and with a steadily increasing work load, storage was becoming a challenge. As a result, the IT department was struggling to maintain backup and restore lost files. Slow connectivity between offices made users wait for file access, hampering productivity.

After evaluating and testing other options, TBG turned to Nasuni. The company now enjoys built-in, automatic protection, improved collaboration between offices, unlimited scalability and the enterprise-grade performance that the firm’s designers demand. In addition, Nasuni’s capacity-based pricing model helped IT control costs.

Video Transcript

Greg Nichols: I’m Greg Nichols, the CTO for TBG Partners. We are a landscape architecture planning and environmental graphics design firm. TBG started in 1987, Earl Broussard started the firm right here in Austin, Texas. And it started growing a couple of years later into Houston, and kind of there and beyond. In the past 10 years, gosh, we’ve more than quadrupled. I mean, I would say in the last five years, we’ve quadrupled. We’re at 20 terabytes right now, and I would expect in the next couple of years to double that easily.

The project types we work on, both internationally, and throughout the US are typically commercial, residential, hospitality, medical, and we do a lot of parks, trails, and recreation facilities. The programs we use for projects on a daily basis is mostly Auto CAD. We have 3D Studio Max, Lumion, SketchUp. SketchUp is very important to us, we do a lot of hand sketching, and a lot of, just conceptual drawing.

One of the biggest issues that we’ve faced was the size of our files, and it’s not uncommon to have a three-gig image file, and transferring that between offices would take a day, depending our small internet connection. We really are starting to do a lot of projects internationally, in China, and in Mexico, any project that we start up, that we’re working on collaborative, we can have those files there within about 15 minutes, totally, to work on. They’ve downloaded, and it works great. (inaudible)

Another great asset of Nasuni is file restoration. We have a lot of users that make files disappear, for whatever reasons, they just go away. And we used to have to go to tape backup systems and if those tapes were even on-site, and half the time, they weren’t on-site, it could take days to restore a file. And so, users kind of got used to that, and very frustrated with it, obviously. Going to Nasuni now, it’s instant, and that is invaluable to us.

Backup and storage is so much easier now, I just don’t have to think a whole lot about it, which is great. You just plug in to these Nasuni devices, and they back up, literally, everything constantly and infinitely, and that is such a wonderful thing, coming from tape backups. Being in my position, and having so little time to deal with each product, or learn any product, having a support infrastructure like Nasuni has, has been a great asset to me.