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Remote and Branch Office (ROBO) File Storage

What if users in your remote and branch offices (ROBO) could enjoy the same fast file access and data protection as HQ, gain unlimited capacity, and seamlessly share files across sites? All at less cost to IT and with virtually no administration? It’s easy with Nasuni Cloud File Services.

Extend High Performance File Storage to the Edge

The Nasuni patented UniFS® global file system stores all file data in limitless private or public cloud object storage, while simultaneously caching actively used files locally on Nasuni Edge Appliances. These physical or virtual appliances can be easily and quickly deployed in ROBO locations anywhere in the world to provide the same fast file access your users at headquarters enjoy.

“We’re looking to open up a new division in Europe. One of the questions we had in the past was how to give them access to our content? With Nasuni, it’s simple. We set up an edge appliance VM, configure it, and it instantly starts caching all the files they need. Bam, we’re done. The agility Nasuni gives us is amazing.”

Brian Weir, VP of Technical Services, Allied Integrated Marketing
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Remote Files Are Always Backed Up

Nasuni Continuous File Versioning™ technology eliminates the need for ROBO file backup. All file changes are automatically sent to cloud object storage and stored as independent file versions. Any file can be quickly recovered from this infinite, immutable version history to any point in time. No more having receptionists swap tapes. No more dragging files across the WAN to headquarters. No more paying for backup software and media you don’t need.

Manage Centrally

Nasuni Edge Appliances can be implemented in a flash in ROBO sites all over the world, and managed centrally through the Nasuni Management Console (NMC). You’ll be able to remotely configure ROBO file shares, permissions, data protection policies, and more – right from headquarters. And you’ll be able to open or integrate new offices quickly, without hiring consultants or sending overworked IT staff to remote locations.

Reduce Costs up to 70%

Every Nasuni Edge Appliance is sized to cache just the active file workloads at each ROBO site. The average cache size across all our customers is only 20% the size of their previous full-size file server or NAS device. That’s a big savings.

When used with public cloud object storage, Nasuni reduces WAN and MPLS costs, too, by sending encrypted files over public Internet links and offloading file traffic.

Easy, Fast Synchronization and Collaboration

With NASUNI SYNCHRONIZE, files can be synchronized automatically across all ROBO locations to ensure every user is working on the latest version of every file. Add in NASUNI COLLABORATE to let ROBO users work on the same files at the same time anywhere in the world without version conflicts.

“We no longer hear complaints about slowness of file access. The hybrid cloud deployment model we chose with Nasuni’s global file system in Amazon cloud storage and Nasuni Edge Appliances in each office is delivering the file storage capacity and performance we always hoped we could have.”

Jason Benway, VP and CIO, JSJ Corporation

DR Built-in

With all files and metadata safely stored in geo-redundant object storage, DR in any ROBO site with Nasuni is fast and simple. If a site is impacted by a disaster, simply point users to an edge appliance in the cloud or another safe location. The edge appliance will be rehydrated with metadata in less than 15 minutes, enabling users to start browsing the file system and requesting files.

Customer-Proven in ROBO Environments

Nasuni Customer: Lewis Group

Multiple small office locations. Fast-growing file data. Lots of demanding users. Find out how this real estate firm solved its ROBO challenges with Nasuni.

The maker of Boston Acoustic, Denon, Marantz, and Polk audio equipment has 62 different offices. ROBO file storage is no longer an issue with Nasuni.

Storing, protecting, and synchronizing large design files across 200 worldwide offices used to be a challenge. Then this multinational deployed Nasuni.

NASUNI Enables Business & IT [HIDDEN]

  • Archive files as WORM for long-term reference without ever running out of space.
  • Retrieve critical application files from archive storage without delay and access them at local LAN speed.
  • Roll back to any version of archived files to any point in time.
  • Access and write to archive storage from any location (requires NASUNI SYNCHRONIZE premium service).