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NAS & File Server Consolidation

No More Islands of Storage

Nasuni consolidates NAS and remote office file servers using modern, cost-effective cloud object storage. Eliminate islands of traditional NAS, file backup, and DR with a unified, infinitely scalable, and simple to manage file services platform.

More File Storage. Less File Storage Pain.

The Nasuni UniFS global file system stores all files and metadata in private or public cloud object storage. Nasuni edge appliances cache just the frequently used files anywhere you have file servers and NAS today. With an average cache hit rate of nearly 99%, users enjoy LAN-speed access to group shares, project directories, and home drives. Cloud egress charges are minimized. And so is your hardware footprint.

Easy to Setup

Get virtual or physical edge appliances up and running in minutes.

Limitless Scale

Add as much capacity as your cloud allows, in as many locations as you need.

Lower TCO

Shrink your hardware footprint and pay only for what you need to save on costs. Calculate TCO

Simple, Centralized Management

No more logging into every NAS device and file server to configure storage over and over. The Nasuni Management Console (NMC) enables you to centrally manage your entire file storage environment.

Central Provisioning and Control

Configure all edge appliances, shares, and protocols with one operation. Or use the NMC API to script or drive configuration operations.

Policy-Based Automation

Schedule edge appliance versioning and synchronization policies. Then relax as files are automatically cached and protected.

Reporting and Alerting

Get notified via SNMP on key events. Tag volume and share utilization for planning and chargeback.

Looks Like Traditional NAS

Nasuni edge appliances support the same CIFS and NFS protocols as traditional file servers and NAS devices – no drive re-mappings or script changes necessary.

They also integrate with your existing Active Directory or LDAP environment, so you can leverage your existing authentication policies for secure file access.

File Storage That Never Needs Refresh

Tired of upgrading NAS and file servers and migrating data every 3-5 years? With Nasuni you won’t have to.

Edge appliances are stateless caches that only store the active files. New appliances can be brought online in minutes. And your cloud provider takes care of upgrading your object storage. You’ll finally have storage that’s truly evergreen.

Backup and DR Covered, Too

Nasuni UniFS continuously sends the fragments of files that change to cloud object storage, where they are stored as their own immutable versions. The need for file backup is eliminated, and RPOs and RTOs are significantly improved.

The same is true for disaster recovery. All you need is power and a connection to your geo-redundant object storage to spin up a Nasuni edge appliance. In about 15 minutes, your files will be cached and ready for access. Dedicated DR sites become history.

Trusted by Leading Enterprises

ARA Diagnostic imaging

“By consolidating our 3D tomography images from NAS devices to Nasuni, we estimate we saved about $1.3 million in storage costs in the first year alone.”

“We’ve been able to move to an operational, pay-as-we-grow model rather than having to go out every year and invest more of our capital budget in file storage.”

Start Consolidating Today.