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Cloud NAS for All Your Files

How do you take advantage of the cloud without giving up the fast, familiar experience of Network-Attached Storage (NAS)? Nasuni Cloud File Services makes it easy. Cloud NAS with Nasuni means all your file data scales in the cloud, but you maintain the performance, familiar access protocols, and security of on-premises NAS.

All Your Files, Where & When You Need Them

Cloud NAS with Nasuni combines the unlimited scale of public or private object stores with a fast, familiar NAS experience. Unlike traditional NAS, Nasuni CloudNAS provides access to files for multiple sites and users, and can even synchronize them across sites if you choose. No more data silos, no more hardware headaches.

“Nasuni is an all-in-one solution. The fact that they built a file system that starts in cloud object storage and extends out to our offices via physical and virtual appliances defines them as the leader in helping businesses like us manage large amounts of data efficiently.”

Brian Weir, VP of Technical Services, Allied Integrated Marketing
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Respond Faster to Business Needs

Say your business decides tomorrow that it needs to move certain apps to the cloud. With Nasuni, your file data will already be there. Need to shift access to the cloud, too? Not a problem. Just enable a Cloud NAS instance and continue working. Nasuni is the future-proof, cloud-first solution to your organization’s evolving needs.

Three Ways Nasuni Enhances Your Cloud NAS Strategy

Nasuni is designed to accelerate your cloud migration, minimize the impact on end users and IT, and help you leverage business benefits as soon as possible.

Accelerate Your Cloud Migration

Simply move your application to the cloud and file storage with them using Nasuni. Your Nasuni appliance can be installed in the cloud along with your application. And since Nasuni maintains traditional NFS and SMB protocols, you don’t have to rewrite any apps.

Minimize the Impact on End Users with Hybrid Edge Connectivity

Physical or virtual Nasuni Edge Appliances deployed at all your locations, from HQ to ROBO sites, automatically migrate file data to the public or private object store of your choice.

Leverage Business Benefits

Once your file data is in the cloud, you can put it to work immediately. End users everywhere, cloud applications, and remote sites can all securely access the same file data, ensuring that you deliver access to the apps and users who need it.

“There was some initial resistance to a cloud-based solution, as we’re not out to adopt new technology just to say we’re on the cutting edge. But we knew there had to be a better solution to our primary file storage and multi-site collaboration challenges…Nasuni gives us both the global collaboration and data protection we were looking for. Overall it has greatly improved file sharing and made the whole process of managing unstructured data easier for Movado.”

Ken Borthwick, Director of Server and Client Solutions, Movado
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