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Cloud Disaster Recovery

What if you could restore end user access to files within minutes of an outage, a system failure, or a massive storm? And what if you didn’t need an expensive DR site to make it work?

This isn’t an IT pipe dream. It’s cloud disaster recovery with Nasuni Cloud File Services.

A DR Solution Built-In To Your Storage Platform

Nasuni Cloud File Services™ enables you to store, protect, synchronize and collaborate on files across all locations at scale – and fast disaster recovery for all locations is a built-in feature of the platform.

Nasuni has successfully helped customers recover quickly from a range of disasters, including hurricanes, floods, malware attacks, tornadoes, and grid failures.

As your files change, the Nasuni UniFS® global file system continuously sends the new or updated file fragments to geo-redundant object storage. With multiple copies of your data georeplicated and Nasuni Edge Appliances able to be provisioned and hydrated in any location that has power and a connection to object storage, you can restore fast access to files within 15 minutes of a disaster.

Recover Files in 15 Minutes or Less

Nasuni is the only file services solution designed to use cloud object storage as the authoritative source of all files and metadata. Unlike device-based solutions that use stateful controllers to store all data, Nasuni Edge Appliances are stateless caches that only store actively used data.

This “cache from cloud” architecture has a big advantage when it comes to DR. Instead of having to replicate full-sized NAS controllers in multiple locations, Nasuni can leverage the built-in geo-redundancy of object storage and our highly efficient Nasuni UniFS global file system.

“Nasuni enables us to protect data in a consistent way globally. We’ve had offices go offline because of natural disasters in the past, and they were unable to work for over a week. Their RPOs and RTOs were inconsistent and often inadequate. Now, we can get files back quickly to very recent restore points. And if a disaster does occur, it’s a matter of hours, if that.”

Don Pointing, Global Technology Director, TBWA
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Protect Remote Sites Consistently

Remote and branch offices (ROBO) usually don’t get the same level of DR protection as the data center, putting them at risk of extended outages and lengthy recoveries. Nasuni extends the same fast disaster recovery capabilities to all your locations, from HQ to ROBO – without increasing costs.

If a ROBO site is impacted, users can be redirected to Nasuni edge appliances in the cloud or any other safe on-premises location to restore access to file shares, home drives, and group directories. All file data across the enterprise will be quickly and securely accessible, without any extra cost.

“In a law firm, you have to make sure you’re ready for a disaster. With Nasuni, if an office were to go offline, IT can re-establish access to that location’s files in about 15 minutes just by spinning up another edge appliance in the cloud or at another nearby office. All we need is power and Azure connectivity for our attorneys to get back to work.”

Jeffrey Keel, IT Manager, Foran Glennon
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Eliminate the Costs of Co-Los and Dedicated DR Sites

Cloud disaster recovery with Nasuni saves enterprises up to 70% on DR-related infrastructure alone..

No more dedicated DR sites, leased co-location facilities, redundant NAS arrays, and replication software, or building maintenance costs. And no more having to test your DR capabilities every few months.

“Being in ‘Tornado Alley’, we were looking at building an expensive DR site hundreds of miles away. Nasuni saved us this cost. Now, if we lose our data center, all we have to do is find a PC and point it to the Nasuni share in the cloud. It would literally take minutes to recover our file and image data.”

Paul Feilmeier, IT Infrastructure Director, Faith Regional Health Services
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“With Nasuni, we know all our files and file versions are in the cloud, so whenever someone loses a file, we can bring it back. If we lose an edge appliance in Pittsburgh, we’re only losing cached data. The files can be brought up on another appliance in Pittsburgh or any other location. Users can also do recoveries themselves. That makes IT’s life easier.”

David Cottman, Manager of Graphic Solutions, iDL Worldwide
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You’ll Be in Good Company

Growing creative file sizes. Teams spread across 305 offices. Find out why this advertising innovator went cloud first with Nasuni.

Nasuni’s cloud architecture, together with Amazon’s geo-redundant cloud storage, protects IDL against larger-scale disasters.

Faith regional health services

Nasuni and Azure enable the Faith Regional to eliminate backup and offer 15-minute file recovery to protect against accidental deletions, disasters, and ransomware.

NASUNI Enables Business & IT [HIDDEN]

  • Archive files as WORM for long-term reference without ever running out of space.
  • Retrieve critical application files from archive storage without delay and access them at local LAN speed.
  • Roll back to any version of archived files to any point in time.
  • Access and write to archive storage from any location (requires NASUNI SYNCHRONIZE premium service).