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Cloud Backup

When you have a continuously versioning file system that automatically stores file changes as they occur directly in cloud storage, you actually have a better solution than traditional backup.

Nasuni Continuous File Versioning™ -
Data Protection for the Modern Cloud Era

Nasuni Continuous File Versioning™, a built-in feature of the Nasuni UniFS® global file system, captures file changes as they occur from every Nasuni Edge Appliance.

Only the changes are transmitted to your private or public cloud object storage, creating an immutable, infinite version history of every file that is also space-efficient.

“Taking away the need to do traditional tape backups was very important. The Nasuni Continuous File Versioning technology enables us to protect data in a consistent way globally. We’ve had offices go offline because of natural disasters in the past, and they were unable to work for over a week. Their RPOs and RTOs were inconsistent and often inadequate. Now, we can get files back quickly to very recent restore points.”

Don Pointing, Global Technology Director, TBWA
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Easier On IT

No more configuring incremental and full backup schedules. Or pulling backups across the WAN to a central site. Or babysitting backups to find out if they worked. Or rotating and refreshing tape and disk media. Nasuni Continuous File Versioning is simple and automatic – just pick the frequency and let it run.

Central Management

Use the Nasuni Management Console to globally configure versioning frequencies across all edge appliances.

Unlimited Backup Capacity

Leverage limitless private or public cloud object storage to store the space-efficient fragments of file changes that Nasuni also compresses and de-dupes.

Infinite Version History

Store as many versions as your business requires in your choice of private (on-premises) or public cloud object storage.

“With Nasuni, we know all our files and file versions are in cloud storage, so whenever someone loses a file, we can bring it back. If we lose an edge appliance in Pittsburgh, we’re only losing cached data. The files can be brought up on another appliance in Pittsburgh or any other location. Users can also do recoveries themselves. That makes IT’s life easier.”

David Cottman, Manager of Graphics Solutions, IDL Worldwide
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Recover Files Faster

Users will love that their files can be restored in minutes – or even faster depending on your connection to your cloud object storage – instead of hours or days.

The Nasuni Management Console enables authorized IT administrators to restore any version of any file to any edge appliance, anywhere in the world. If allowed, users can recover their own files using the Windows Explorer Restore Previous Versions feature.

Recover to Any Point in Time

With file changes continuously versioned, you can restore individual files, directory trees, or entire volumes to any point in time.

To mitigate an issue like ransomware, simply select the time stamp just before the infection hit. Every edge appliance in every location will be rehydrated with the clean files in minutes, enabling users to get back to work with minimal data loss.

Foran Glennon

“Here’s a good example. On a Friday at 4:50 PM, a user reported a file had been accidentally deleted. This wasn’t the sort of thing that could wait until Monday, either, as the file needed to be submitted to a client by close of business that day. In the past, it might have taken an entire day to restore that file. I just opened up the Nasuni Management Console, found the previous in a few minutes, and restored it to its original location. Our user was able to get that submission to our client before 5 PM.”

IT Manager, Foran Glennon
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Data Protection without Traditional Backup

Nasuni’s continuously versioning file system based in Azure, Amazon, Dell EMC, Hitachi, IBM, or other public or private cloud object storage offers clear advantages over legacy file backup.

Reduce Costs

Save on backup software and hardware licenses and maintenance. Save more on IT operational costs.

Simplify IT

Stop wasting time administering backup and let the file system handle data protection automatically.

Enhance Productivity

Get users up and running faster after data loss events with faster recovery times (RTO) and more frequent recovery points (RPO).

“Users are impressed by frequency of snapshots-we can restore to the very point in time when they accidentally deleted a file.”

Cushman and Wakefield

You'll Be In Good Company

Cushman and Wakefield

World’s second largest commercial real estate company turns off backup and turns on savings with Nasuni. Read the economic value audit.


The world’s second largest advertising agency is protecting more than 3 PBs of files with Nasuni Continuous File Versioning.

Perkins + Will

Perkins + Will

A leading global architecture and engineering firm is able to protect and restore files globally.

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