Traditional backup solutions are difficult to maintain, overly expensive and prone to failure. Nasuni has integrated data protection into the primary storage layer, building a storage system that eliminates the need for separate backup. The result is cost-effective, easier to manage and far more reliable.


Traditional Backup: The Unnecessary Evil

Backup seems to be a necessary evil in the modern enterprise. To ensure the company and its users are protected should something go wrong, enterprises run backup solutions that generate copies of copies of copies of data. This data has to flow through the network to be written to tape or offsite hardware, leading to bandwidth and management pain. Then, as file data grows, companies have to endure time-consuming backup refreshes, installing and maintaining new software and upgrading tape formats or refreshing D2D appliances to keep the system running.

IT has to manage the entire backup process across multiple offices, all in the face of shrinking storage budgets. The result is an unnecessary strain: Independent analysts have identified backup as a major source of distraction for administrators in modern enterprises. To make matters worse, more than 20% of backups fail. Enterprises are devoting excess time and money to business-critical solutions that do not even work.

Eliminate Backup with Integrated Data Protection

Nasuni combines integrated data protection with the power of cloud storage to eliminate the need for separate backup and disaster recovery systems. Unlimited, perpetual snapshots ensure that a complete history of file data in every location will always be available. Nasuni clients enjoy the same benefits as traditional backup, but in a solution that is easier to manage, far more reliable and significantly less expensive. Our clients save between 40-60% relative to traditional solutions.

“Our previous backup system was relatively complex and had a lot of moving parts to it – we weren’t comfortable with the quality of backups we were getting and it was becoming increasing difficult to manage. We needed a system that was more streamlined, stable and reliable.”

Shawn Umansky, Network Engineer

Integrated Cloud Backup – Nasuni combines storage, backup and disaster recovery into a single solution. No additional backup software is necessary. With multiple copies of every snapshot stored in the cloud across multiple geographies, in locations of the company’s choosing, the enterprise is fully protected in case of a disaster. A full restore is as simple as starting up a virtual machine.

Reliable, Painless Restores  – Managing backup is a pain in and of itself, but overseeing a restore can be equally problematic, even when it does work. The backup of a file might be difficult to find or it might reside on a physical tape – which means IT has to actually get the tape mounted in order to retrieve the file data. But with Nasuni’s unlimited perpetual snapshots, files are easy to find and easy to restore. IT can remotely restore lost or previous versions of files for end users with a few clicks.

Simple, Centralized Control – Once a Nasuni appliance is running in an office, IT can manage that location remotely using the Nasuni Management Console, or NMC. The NMC gives IT the power to to administer data volumes, snapshot schedules, retention settings and more through a single pane of glass.

Easy Remote Testing – Everyone should be testing their backup solutions, but the difficulty of doing so often prevents companies from completing this task on a regular basis. The Nasuni approach to data protection is easy to test. IT can regularly restore old files from any time point, at any location, to ensure the solution will work when needed.

Significant Cost Savings – Rather than focus on selling expensive hardware, Nasuni combines VMs or cost-efficient dedicated appliances with pay-as-you-grow cloud storage to deliver major savings for customers. Compared to traditional backup, Nasuni clients save both in pure dollar terms and in man hours, as IT no longer has to spend time managing complex backup systems. Nasuni clients are saving as much as 40% – 60% against traditional offerings in areas ranging from storage to backup and disaster recovery and even WAN and MPLS expenses.


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Backup solutions play a critical role in data storage – providing the ability to recover data from an earlier time or after an unexpected data loss. In order for IT to effectively back up, protect and restore data, multiple components are required, including some combination of backup applications, disks and tapes. In the end, today’s best backup solutions still leave IT facing real challenges.








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