Remote Worker: VDI and Remote File Access

File Access from Anywhere on Any Device

Nasuni makes it easy for remote and ‘work-from-home’ employees to continue accessing their drive mappings on Windows PCs and Macs. When files are centralized in the cloud, they are easily accessible from anywhere. With Nasuni users can sync and access files with or without a VPN connection and share files both internally and externally. Remote file access and sharing remains fully under control of IT, ensuring both security and compliance with company data policies.

Centralized Web-based Administration for IT

A file storage solution shouldn’t be hard to administer nor require people to have to go to a physical office to manage it. And with Nasuni, it’s not. IT can manage their entire global file infrastructure remotely through the web based Nasuni Management Console, without the need for anyone leave their home.

Data Protection Built-in

Because Nasuni is cloud-native, the ‘gold’ copy of every single file is stored safely in the cloud, away from anything that might harm them. Nasuni Edge Appliances encrypt and dedupe files, then snapshot them at frequent intervals to the cloud where they are written to object storage in read-only format. The result is that files are always available to remote users, even if specific sites or file servers go down.

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Cloud VDI with Cloud File Storage Delivers Optimal End User Performance

Nasuni is certified with all the leading Cloud VDI vendors including VMware, Citrix, AWS, and Microsoft. Deploying cloud VDI with on premises file storage delivers a poor end user performance and high costs. . Our cloud file storage keeps your file storage “close” to your virtual desktops no matter how many VDI farms, pods, or sites you deploy. In the same way that deploying multiple VDI sites mitigates the impact of network latency on virtual desktop performance, Nasuni’s edge caching in cloud regions and multi-site file synchronization mitigate the impact of network latency on file storage performance. Every user at each VDI site will enjoy fast, “local” access to shared files.