Remote Worker: VDI and Remote File Access

Remote File Share Access

Nasuni makes it easy for remote and ‘work-from-home’ employees to access organizational file shares through existing Windows and macOS drive mappings. Once files are centralized by Nasuni in your cloud object storage, copies of the in-use files are cached by Nasuni Edge VMs in on-premises or cloud locations close to your users so they can be accessed through standard SMB or NFS protocols. Remote access to file shares remains fully under the control of IT to ensure compliance with your data security policies.

Certified VDI Integrations

Modern desktops demand modern file storage. Nasuni is certified with Azure Virtual Desktops, Amazon WorkSpaces, VMware Horizon, and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops to provide high-speed, cost-effective file services. Nasuni Edge caches enable you to host file shares in the same on-premises data centers or cloud regions as your virtual desktops, so there are never any unnecessary network hops to slow down the VDI user experience. Nasuni global file synchronization also enables distributed VDI users to access and share the same files “locally”, no matter how many VDI farms, pods, or sites you deploy.

Microsoft SharePoint/OneDrive/Teams Integrations

Nasuni partner solutions and community-developed tools enable you to leverage the remote access features of Microsoft SharePoint for remote work. Archive data out of SharePoint to Nasuni file shares to reduce costs and improve data durability and recoverability. Or bi-directionally synchronize Nasuni file shares with SharePoint to collaborate on files in Microsoft Teams and access files offline with Microsoft OneDrive.

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“VPN-less” File Share Access

Nasuni Web Access enables users to connect to any Nasuni Edge cache in any on-premises or cloud location via the secure HTTPS web protocol. This easy-to-use web app presents an Explorer-like file navigator that lets users browse file shares, create directories, upload files, download files, and share files externally without having to go through a VPN.

Desktop Sync Integrations

Nasuni has a certified integration and reference architecture with desktop synchronization solution SME that enables users to access Nasuni file shares from local desktops for remote and offline work. This is an ideal solution for home and small offices that don’t have the virtual infrastructure required for a Nasuni Edge cache. Users can map a “cloud drive” to securely access remote Nasuni file shares without a VPN, or automatically sync files locally to work offline and sync them back when the work is done.