Nasuni Management Console (NMC)

The Nasuni Management Console centralizes and simplifies control of every Edge Appliance and Volume, creating a single pane of glass for administrators

The Nasuni Management Console (NMC) leverages the power of cloud to deliver control over massively distributed systems without requiring point-to-point connections or in-network access. Gone are the days of products that only manage storage arrays in a single data center – NMC is capable of managing hundreds of deployments located around the world.

Nasuni is the only enterprise file services solution to deliver this comprehensive management console, allowing companies to go well beyond monitoring to meaningful management. Cloud storage delivers the capacity for storage systems to scale well beyond traditional architectures. NMC allows companies to scale their storage systems beyond the limitations of local resources and hardware.

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Cloud Architecture

The Nasuni Management Console is built upon a completely different architecture than traditional storage management software. Rather than rely on a direct connection to the storage array, all communication through NMC takes place using cloud resources – allowing a single instance of NMC to manage Nasuni Filer appliances across the globe. Even if appliances are offline, commands are stored in the cloud and then executed as each Nasuni Filer comes online. Storage administrators can be confident that they have total control of each and every Nasuni Filer – regardless of the supporting infrastructure.

Data volumes are stored in the cloud, with each physical or virtual edge appliance providing cached access to the master volume of data. This revolutionary architecture means that data is no longer constrained by the local storage array and that NMC can manage volumes of data, not just Filers themselves. Storage administrators can shift their time from focusing on each physical array to focusing on the data itself, where that data should be available and how it should be protected.

Edge Appliance Management

The main challenge of storage has always been scale – either in terabytes, performance or locations. NMC solves the challenge of managing data storage and access in many locations by simplifying the entire process down to one tool that allows storage administrators to accomplish all of their tasks using a single point of control.

Edge appliance-level responsibilities, like volume and share configuration, QoS settings, SNMP monitoring and encryption key management can now be accomplished through NMC. Managing configuration of a single edge appliance or several requires the same amount of effort – just like archiving multiple emails in Gmail. Settings can be applied using rules created on demand or copied from an edge appliance template to make management even easier.

Volume Management

For the first time ever, volume-level management is fully removed from local storage hardware. Volumes with Nasuni are created in the cloud and accessed via local Nasuni Edge Appliances. This dramatic architectural change allows administrators to use NMC to manage the data stored in the storage system without the physical storage system getting in the way.

Configuration that is based on the data being stored is implemented on a volume level – snapshot frequency, snapshot retention, volume quotas, auditing and access points (exports and shares). These settings can be applied to one or more volumes and just like edge appliance settings can be copied from pre-built templates.

An organization undergoing a global compliance policy update that requires changing data retention from three years to five years would normally require weeks of planning and rollout. With Nasuni, this can be implemented across hundreds of edge appliances and thousands of volumes in a few mouse clicks.

System Monitoring

Monitoring multiple storage systems across the world has never been easier. NMC combines edge appliance-level and volume-level information into a single integrated view that highlights where attention is needed. Everything from network traffic to file heuristics to storage capacity and even hardware health are all instantly available through the NMC overview dashboard. The Nasuni Management Console gives administrators an unparalleled view of their global storage infrastructure.

First level monitoring however, is only the beginning with NMC. Every chart, graph, and table can be explored to analyze system performance and usage across volumes and edge appliances. Nasuni is more than just a distributed storage system – it’s a comprehensive set of storage management and monitoring tools built into the ultimate storage solution for the distributed enterprise.

Additional Features:

Automatic updates: Filer upgrades can be coordinated across the global enterprise to ensure limited downtime or impact to productionDisaster recovery planning: Local or cloud-based VMs can be integrated into NMC and kept in standby mode until they are needed to support the organization in a disaster
Shared volume management: Volume management can be controlled by office so that each edge appliance only has access to the information necessary and no moreSetting conflict management: Should an edge appliance or volume be unable to complete a setting change, all information is synchronized back to NMC allowing administrators to remedy the situation
Global notifications: All edge appliances and volumes managed by NMC aggregate notification information into a single stream that can be monitored by appropriate storage administrators