Store and Share Unstructured File Data with Simplicity, Speed, and Savings.

Nasuni is disrupting the file data services market with a cloud-based approach that replaces traditional on-premises file infrastructure. Nasuni delivers a file data services platform that leverages object storage delivering a simpler, lower cost, and more efficient SaaS solution that scales easily to handle rapid unstructured data growth.

Volume and Types of Files in the Enterprise

Your department, project, and organizational file shares and application workflows are at the heart of your firm’s productivity. Nasuni, combined with Microsoft Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud object storage delivers a modern file infrastructure that spans any number of locations, eases administration, and costs less.

Scale without Limits

Nasuni’s unique features are built on a cloud services platform backed by the largest, most available and secure object storage.  You no longer have to worry about running out of capacity, backup capability, or reaching the limits of file sharing across the globe. You get the benefit of being able to store and access unlimited files across any number of locations, without cloud latency or high data egress fees.


By eliminating the on-premises infrastructure required for legacy file servers, NAS, backup, and disaster recovery, Nasuni provides 40-60% savings over traditional architectures. And by fully leveraging cost-effective cloud object storage instead of just tiering to the cloud, Nasuni costs significantly less than other cloud file data services solutions, too. Hundreds of enterprises rely on Nasuni to consolidate data silos and provide the flexibility needed to adapt to a changing business climate.

Simplify File Storage

Nasuni provides cloud file storage for an unlimited number of sites from a single console, with capacity on-demand where and when it’s needed and includes built-in backup and disaster recovery. With a design that accommodates cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises deployments, Nasuni replaces multiple data silos and toolsets with a single global file system that offers a 360-degree view of your file data, and a single platform that is easy to deploy and manage.

Nasuni File Data Platform Add‑on Services

Nasuni offers additional add-on services for ransomware protection, access anywhere, and multi-site collaboration.