Store and Share Unstructured File Data with Simplicity, Speed, and Savings.

Nasuni is disrupting the file storage market with a cloud-based approach that replaces traditional on premises primary and secondary file storage. Nasuni delivers a file storage platform that leverages object storage delivering a simpler, lower cost, and more efficient SaaS solution that scales easily to handle rapid unstructured data growth.

Volume and Types of Files in the Enterprise

Your department, project, and organizational file shares and application workflows are at the heart of your firm’s productivity. Nasuni, combined with Microsoft Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud object storage delivers a modern file infrastructure that spans any number of locations, eases administration, and costs less.

Born in the Cloud

Unlike other cloud storage solutions that have been lifted-and shifted to the cloud, Nasuni was born in the cloud. All elements of the Nasuni platform are built around a cloud-native architecture that removes the limits of hardware file servers, simplifies management and data protection across multiple locations, and increases the speed at which all users can access a single, synchronized global file system.

Simplify File Storage

Nasuni provides cloud file storage for an unlimited number of sites from a single console, with capacity on-demand where and when it’s needed and includes built-in backup and disaster recovery. With a design that accommodates cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises deployments, Nasuni replaces multiple data silos and toolsets with a single global file system that offers a 360-degree view of your file data, and a single platform that is easy to deploy and manage.

Speed without Limits

Nasuni stores all file data and metadata in your preferred cloud object storage, then caches copies of frequently accessed files on lightweight Nasuni Edge Appliances to match the speed of on-premises file servers. Easily deployed as VMs, they can be rapidly configured to support organizational changes and bring file storage capacity anywhere it’s needed on demand and without limits, including remote sites and VDI environments. But Nasuni isn’t just fast at delivering files, it’s fast at restoring them, too. So fast that you can set your RPOs and RTOs to meet your business requirements instead of the limits of your backup system.


By eliminating the on-premises infrastructure required for legacy file servers, NAS, backup, and disaster recovery, Nasuni provides 40-60% savings over traditional architectures. And by fully leveraging cost-effective cloud object storage instead of just tiering to the cloud, Nasuni costs significantly less than other cloud storage solutions, too. Hundreds of enterprises rely on Nasuni to consolidate data silos and provide the flexibility needed to adapt to a changing business climate.