Features & Benefits

Unlimited File Storage
Nasuni leverages the scalability of cloud object storage to provide unlimited capacity to an unlimited number of sites and users. It eliminates the need to ‘second guess” your capacity requirements for any one user or application, and lets you adapt seamlessly and quickly to changes in demand for file storage, just by increasing your cloud storage and Nasuni subscriptions. Read more
Global File Synchronization
File synchronization is provided by an automated, no-maintenance cloud orchestration center that can synchronize millions of file changes per hour. The result is increased productivity for your whole organization, without expensive infrastructure investment. Read more
Infinite Unlimited Backup
Nasuni Continuous File Versioning™ makes file backup more frequent and automatic. File restores take only minutes and your IT team can set predictable RPOs and RTOs. You can take and store a nearly infinite number of snapshots, and, when needed, dial back to a particular RPO. This makes Nasuni an ideal component of your ransomware mitigation strategy. Read more
15-Minute Disaster Recovery
It’s easy to restore file access for one or more sites following a disaster, thanks to Nasuni’s built-in disaster recovery capability. Nasuni not only stores gold copies of files in the cloud in immutable WORM format, it also stores configuration and user data for each site there, too. Simply set up a new Edge Appliance in any safe site or in the cloud and, within 15 minutes, users can begin accessing their files. Meanwhile, Nasuni’s cloud architecture ensures the rest of your organization operates normally with no loss of access to any files. Read more
Near-Zero Cloud Latency
Nasuni’s extremely efficient Edge Appliances provide up to a 98 percent cache hit rate, giving users and applications LAN-speed access to files. Because Edge Appliances can run on your existing hyperconverged and virtual infrastructure backed by your existing SSD storage, many customers see an improvement in file access speed over legacy file servers. Even better, Nasuni Edge Appliances reduce the footprint for file storage up to 90 percent, lowering costs and eliminating time spent managing local file servers. Read more
Extensive Protocol Support
Nasuni supports access to files through standard SMB (CIFS), NFS, FTP/SFTP, and HTTPS file-sharing protocols. Do you have a mix of MacOS and Windows machines? Nasuni’s advanced support for extended macOS file attributes and metadata allows for easy file sharing across both environments. Read more
Access to Powerful Analytics
Harness the full value of your unstructured data by making it available to your favorite AI, BI, ML, and other analytics applications. The Nasuni Analytics Connector makes it easy to export data for analytics, regardless of how large your data set is or which cloud you want to use. Read more
True Multi-Cloud Flexibility
Nasuni supports Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, as well as leading private cloud object storage solutions, so you can store your file data exactly where you want to, in proximity to the users and applications that need it. And, with Nasuni’s easy cloud-to-cloud migration capabilities, you’re never locked into a single cloud provider. Read more

Nasuni Simplifies File Data Services

File Consolidation

Migrate to Nasuni in Just 60 Days

We’ve helped customers move petabytes of data to the cloud, quickly.

Operational Simplicity

IT Can Manage it All From ONE Admin Console

IT Admins appreciate how easy it is to administer everything from one console.

Set & Forget Protection

DR & File Recovery Will Never Be the Same

RPOs now go to infinity while RTOs go to minutes without lifting a finger.

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