Nasuni Unveils New Platform Capabilities and Collaborates with Microsoft Sentinel to Simplify How Businesses Protect their File Data from Cyber Threats

Adds New Targeted Restore Feature and Integration with Microsoft Sentinel to Accelerate Recovery from Ransomware Attacks

July 18, 2023

Adds New Targeted Restore Feature and Integration with Microsoft Sentinel to Accelerate Recovery from Ransomware Attacks

BOSTON – July 18, 2023Nasuni Corporation, a leading provider of file data services, today announced new targeted restore capabilities for the Nasuni Ransomware Protection service to further reduce investigation time and streamline the recovery process. The company also announced a new integration with Microsoft Sentinel, combining Nasuni’s cloud-native ransomware recovery solution with Microsoft’s security information and event management (SIEM) platform.

Distributed file share data is crucial to today’s enterprise operations, but represents a larger attack surface and longer restore process from ransomware. Today’s backup technologies are inadequate for Network Attached Storage (NAS) workloads. The Nasuni File Data Platform modernizes traditional NAS and the Nasuni Ransomware Protection add-on service dramatically reduces the Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR) by quickly detecting and stopping attacks, responding automatically. Furthermore, with the new targeted restore capabilities, Nasuni can execute precision restores of the affected files in seconds. The service is powered by Nasuni’s patented global file ransomware recovery process that can recover millions of files in minutes.

With targeted restore, organizations can:

  • Minimize impact of a ransomware attack on the business, dramatically reducing risk that an attack on file shares will impact operations.
  • Precisely recover only the encrypted files identified in the incident: robust multi-layered recovery delivers the best possible protection.
  • Automatically save key details on affected files and the last clean snapshot of data when engaging in the restore process.
  • Manage IT and SecOps timelines and reduce administrative tasks: fully documented attack details to meet reporting, regulatory, and insurance requirements.
  • Simplify set-up of Nasuni’s Rapid Recovery process with a few clicks.

Microsoft Sentinel is a scalable, cloud-native solution that provides SIEM and security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR), while collecting data at cloud scale across users, devices, applications, and infrastructure. Nasuni’s integration with Microsoft Sentinel allows customers to automatically spot threat activity and immediately initiate the appropriate responses. Microsoft Log Analytics Workspace gathers and shares Nasuni event and audit logs at any Nasuni distributed Edge device for constant monitoring with the Sentinel platform.

“With the new targeted restore feature, coupled with the rapid recovery capabilities of the Nasuni File Data Platform, enterprises can get back to business after attacks in minutes, not days. After all, the very heart of our business is the immediate recovery of data. We can ensure business continuity and collaboration across the globe instantaneously. From American Standard to Western Digital to PwC, the largest organizations across 70 countries trust Nasuni to modernize file infrastructure, de-risk today’s ever-present ransomware threat, and alleviate hybrid working file-sharing challenges,” said David Grant, President at Nasuni.

“By integrating Microsoft Sentinel with Nasuni’s cloud-native ransomware protection, Nasuni events are automatically captured, consolidated, and sent to Microsoft Sentinel for analysis, providing SecOps teams with better protection for the vast amount of data in their company file shares,” said Eric Burkholder, senior program manager for Microsoft Sentinel Growth and Ecosystem at Microsoft.

“The ability to use the Microsoft Sentinel SIEM solution with Nasuni is key for us to monitor any anomalies or bad activities that might be happening in our unstructured data. Nasuni-Sentinel integration has added an important component to our entire defense-in-depth strategy that we have with the MSFT suite of security tools,” said Brian Erickson, Manager, IT Implementation & Acquisitions, APi Group.

For more information on how enterprises can leverage Nasuni and Microsoft Sentinel, click here.

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Nasuni Corporation is a leading file data services company that helps organizations create a secure, file data cloud for digital transformation, global growth and information insight. The Nasuni File Data Platform is a cloud-native suite of services that simplifies file data infrastructure, enhances file data protection and ensures fast file access globally at the lowest cost. By consolidating file data in easily expandable cloud object storage from Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and others, Nasuni becomes the cloud-native replacement for traditional network attached storage (NAS) and file server infrastructure, as well as complex legacy file backup, disaster recovery, remote access, and file synchronization technologies. Organizations worldwide rely on Nasuni to easily access and share file data globally from the office, home or on the road. Sectors served by Nasuni include manufacturing, construction, creative services, technology, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, oil and gas, financial services and public sector agencies. Nasuni’s corporate headquarters is based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA delivering services in over 70 countries around the globe. For more information, visit

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