Detecting Ransomware at the Edge and Recovering from Disasters

Detect the Latest Ransomware Threats

The Nasuni Ransomware Protection add-on service delivers in-line detection of live ransomware attacks while filtering out false positives, and staying up-to-date on the latest emerging variants. E-mails and notifications keep you on high alert with comprehensive logging of all malicious file activity so you can quickly scope and quarantine the threat to prevent further damage.


Mitigate with a Quick, Automatic Response

The Nasuni Ransomware Protection Add-on service’s mitigation policies automatically stops the attack by quarantining active threats and preventing them from spreading. A comprehensive incident report is immediately generated to provide a complete understanding of the attack details to quickly start recovering.

Recover Millions of Files in Seconds

Nasuni Rapid Ransomware Recovery is your last line of defense, allowing you to recover millions of files with laser precision in seconds across any number of sites to just moments before the attack. With highly-precise Recovery Point Objectives (RPO), down to even 1-minute granularity, your users will be able to continue working on their files without missing a beat.


Protect Your Files Forever

Nasuni Continuous File Versioning®️ protects file data by storing an unlimited number of immutable snapshots in low-cost, ultra-scalable cloud object storage. With unparalleled Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and a near-infinite number of recovery points, protecting your critical business data has never been easier or more comprehensive.

Winning the Fight Against Ransomware

Learn the perspectives from industry experts on successful ransomware mitigation strategies to protect yourself from attacks while minimizing downtime.

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15-Minute Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery for your file data is not something you have to think about with Nasuni. It’s built-in and always running. When a site goes down, file access for users can be restored within 15 minutes or less with virtually no loss of productivity. No more waiting hours or days to get back up and running.