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Google Cloud

A Modern File Management Platform on Google Cloud Storage

Nasuni® is a file services platform that runs on Google’s Unified Object Storage, powered by the world’s only cloud file system, UniFS®. Nasuni consolidates Network Attached Storage (NAS) and file server silos in cloud storage, delivering infinite scale, built-in backup, file sharing, and local file server performance, all at half the cost of traditional file infrastructures.

Nasuni Makes Google Object Storage a More Valuable Investment

Object storage is a more scalable, cost-effective alternative to legacy file storage. But it needs a file system to exploit these advantages. Nasuni’s patented UniFS file system bridges file storage and object storage, with capabilities that extends Google Cloud Storage with the speed of local storage but the power and reach of a cloud.

NAS Consolidation in the Cloud

Nasuni and Google resolves one of the biggest pains for IT;  legacy NAS and file server infrastructures.  With an explosion of unstructured data across organizations and locations has increased this challenge. The Nasuni platform uses Google Object Storage as the one true source of all files, then keeps active files synchronized on edge appliances so everyone in every office is always working on the latest version. Nasuni moves infrastructure silos to the cloud, simplifying management, and replacing capacity planning with infinite scale with no latency.

Object storage – Massively distributed with limitless scale.

Object storage – Massively distributed with limitless scale.

Global File System - Files and metadata stored natively in object storage, familiar hierarchical directory/folder structure presented to apps and users.

CIFS, NFS Protocol Support - Broad application compatibility; no need to rewrite apps and scripts to use object storage interface.

Edge Appliances - High performance, cached access to active files in all locations.

Active Directory and LDAP Integration - Leverage existing authentication policies for file access.

Multi-Site File Synchronization – Synchronize file fragments as they change across all locations at high-speed without using or impacting private WAN bandwidth

Global Volume Manager – Patented technology that allows coordination of file system changes on shared volumes across multiple locations.

Nasuni Global File Lock® – Patented technology enabling multi-site file collaboration without version conflict by allowing only one worldwide editor.

Continuous File Versioning – Capture tiny fragments of files as they change and store unlimited version history for breakthrough RPO/RTO.

Rapid Disaster Recovery – Restore fast access to files in any location that has a connection to the object storage – typically in less than 15 minutes – without a dedicated DR site.

Centralized Management – Remotely manage caching appliances, volumes, protocols, shares, versioning, and recoveries – individually or as a collection - from a single interface

Built-in Security – Encrypt files with customer-controlled AES encryption keys before storing files in object storage.

Integrated File Auditing and Intrusion Detection – Leverage Varonis Data Security Platform to detect malware, privilege elevation, and more.

Compression and De-duplication – Reduce amount of object storage capacity needed to store all enterprise files by an average of 60%.

The Backup Plan You Don't Need a Plan For

Nasuni takes care of the backups for you eliminating legacy file backup infrastructure, DR plans, and off-site tape storage hassles. Continuous, immutable file snapshots provide instant file recovery, ransomware protection, and fifteen-minute disaster recovery for seamless business continuity.