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Nasuni® is a file services platform built for the cloud.  Powered by the world’s only global file system, Nasuni consolidates NAS and file server silos in cloud storage, delivering infinite scale, built-in backup, global file sharing, and local file server performance – all at half the cost of tradition file infrastructures.

Modern NAS Infrastructure

Feature Overview
Single site file infrastructure

High capacity NAS infrastructure for a single location

Multi-site file infrastructure

High capacity NAS infrastructure for multiple locations (independent volumes) without cross-office file sharing

Multi-site infrastructure with file sharing

High capacity NAS infrastructure for multiple locations with file sharing, synchronization, and collaboration

Global File System

Nasuni’s UniFS® global file system stores the authoritative “gold copy” of every file in cloud storage and provides a global namespace for all file data and metadata. Cloud-native design allows for unlimited number of files and file sizes.

Nasuni Edge Appliance Software

Software deployed on your own virtual machines or on Nasuni-branded hardware designed to:

  • Cache frequently used files from your third-party cloud storage for high performance file access
  • Transmit new files and file changes to your third-party on-premises or public cloud storage where they are stored as the “system of record.”



AES-256 before transmitting data to cloud storage.


Data deduplicated before transmitting to cloud storage.

Multi-Cloud Storage

Unlimited capacity provided by connectors to public or private cloud object storage solutions including Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Storage, Google Cloud Storage, Dell EMC ECS, Hitachi Content Platform, IBM Cloud Object Storage, and more.

File Access

Feature Overview
Protocol Support

Access files through standard SMB (CIFS), NFS, FTP/SFTP, HTTPS file sharing protocols

Directory Services

Authenticate to file shares via existing AD/LDAP integration

Web Access

Web browser support, drag and drop

Public Links

Share files externally with optional password protection and link expiration dates

Multi-Protocol Support

Access the same shares/exports from different operating systems (e.g. Windows, Linux, MacOS)

Multiple Locations

Nasuni Edge Appliances deployed in unlimited number of locations


Feature Overview
Nasuni Management Console

Centralized capacity management
Centralized volume management
Centralized user access control
Centralized monitoring: network traffic, snapshot frequency, data growth, data migrations
Manage synchronization schedule (Premium only)


Leverage other components of your data management infrastructure (e.g. search software, etc.). Includes code samples for common programming and scripting languages for every API call. 

File Auditing

Track every file change with its own date and time stamp. 
Satisfy audits and accelerate file recoveries. 
Integration with STEALTHbits and Varonis for file auditing, governance, and analytics (dedicated Edge Appliance recommended)

Alerting and Reporting

Email notifications, log files, and integration with SNMP and Syslog.

Remote Diagnostics & Support

Monitor remote Nasuni Edge Appliance, receive alerts to change in status

Modern File Backup

Feature Overview
Continuous File Versioning®

Eliminate legacy file backup infrastructure, including tape, and disk to disk with continuous file versioning of every file to WORM format in the cloud with frequency set by IT.

Rapid file restore

Reduce file restore times from 24 hours or more and set file recovery times to minutes

Volume-level restore

Enable IT to select entire volumes for rapid recovery

File level restore

Enable IT to select individual files for rapid recovery using calendar interface in Nasuni Management Console

Self-Service File Recovery

Enable users to recover any previous file versions of their own through Windows Explorer or web browser

Version History Policy

Control how many file versions are stored
Optimize between cost and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs)

Disaster Recovery

Feature Overview
Rapid Disaster Recovery

Deploy and rehydrate Edge Appliances in <15 minutes

Recover from any location

Make any location in the world that has power and cloud connectivity a DR site; eliminate costs of dedicated DR sites and replication bandwidth


Store multiple copies of file data in different geographic locations
Leverage native capability of cloud object storage provider to protect against regional disasters

Global File Sharing

Feature Overview
Multi-site File synchronization

Ensure every user in every location is using the latest copy of every file; eliminate costs of remote access including WAN acceleration and file replication solutions

Nasuni Global File Lock®

Enable global file collaboration across multiple locations by ensuring only one author can write files at a time.
Prevent data loss due to file version conflict; preserve distributed workflows

Application Integrations Advanced support for design and collaboration applications including Autodesk Revit, BIM software, Siemans Teamcenter, and Adobe Creative Cloud