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File Services Platform

For enterprises frustrated by the cost and inefficiencies of traditional NAS infrastructures, Nasuni offers a file services platform built for the cloud. Powered by the world’s only global file system, Nasuni consolidates NAS silos, delivering infinite scale, built-in backup, global file sharing, and local file server performance—all for significantly less than the cost of traditional file infrastructures.

Traditionally, silos of distributed file servers and NAS— along with associated data protection infrastructure— must be built in every office where users need to store and access files. By storing all enterprise files in an object storage-based global file system and caching just the active files and metadata on edge appliances wherever high-performance access is needed, Nasuni transforms file storage into a cloud-scale service.

Modern NAS Infrastructure

Nasuni eliminates the cost, complexity, and planning required to constantly refresh NAS devices and Windows and Mac file servers, as well as the cost and complexity of file backup and DR.

Nasuni stores all files and metadata in private or public cloud object storage. Thin Nasuni Edge Appliances cache just the frequently used files anywhere file servers and NAS are typically deployed, reducing the on-premises hardware footprint—and associated costs—by up to 80%.

With an average cache hit rate of nearly 99%, users enjoy LAN-speed access to group shares, project directories, and home drives without having to connect to cloud storage or pay egress fees. Each appliance is backed by the limitless capacity of cloud storage so users will never run out of space.

Nasuni supports file access through all major protocols, including SMB (CIFS), NFS, FTP/SFTP, and HTTPS.

With the power of the Nasuni Management Console (NMC), IT can deploy and manage a single site or multi-site file infrastructure. The NMC centralizes capacity management, volume management, file recoveries, user access control, data migrations, file auditing, and synchronization all through a centralized, web-based console.

Modern File Backup

Nasuni Continuous File Versioning® technology takes data protection to the next level with next-generation snapshot technology that continuously sends the fragments of files that change to cloud object storage, where they are stored as their own immutable, read-only versions. The need for traditional file backup is eliminated, and RPOs and RTOs are significantly improved.

Instant Disaster Recovery

The same is true for disaster recovery (DR). All that is needed is power and a connection to geo-redundant object storage to begin rehydrating a Nasuni Edge Appliance. In less than 15 minutes, files will be cached and ready for access, eliminating the cost of dedicated DR sites typically needed to ensure business continuity.

Seamless Multi-Site File Sharing

Nasuni’s multi-site file sharing capabilities reduce the cost and complexity of managing multiple NAS devices and Windows and Mac file servers by minimizing the need for private MPLS bandwidth, WAN acceleration, large file transfer, and replication technologies. Nasuni boosts the productivity of distributed teams by enabling them to seamlessly share and synchronize CAD, PLM, Adobe Creative Cloud files, multimedia, software builds, and other large file types across all locations, at any scale.

When used with public cloud storage, Nasuni uses high-speed internet links to securely propagate just the changes to active files from Nasuni Edge Appliances to cloud storage, and then to other edge appliances. Nasuni Global Volume Manager® aligns all changes from all locations by sequencing the file deltas in cloud storage, creating an immutable version history of all files that can be retrieved at any time. With every appliance kept consistently in sync, users globally will think they’re working on one big, fast local file server. (Premium Edition only).

Nasuni Global File Lock®

Nasuni enables enterprises that rely on cross-functional teams to collaborate in near real-time on files across offices and time zones to improve productivity and efficiency.

Nasuni’s patented Global File Lock capability ensures only one user anywhere in the world can make file changes at a time. Architected as a scalable cloud service with redundant lock servers and lock server failover built-in, Nasuni Global File Lock minimizes the data corruption—and productivity loss—caused by version conflict. (Premium Edition only)

Multi-Cloud Agility

Nasuni integrates with Amazon S3, Azure Storage, and Google Cloud Storage, enabling all of the leading public cloud storage solutions to be used for NAS refresh, NAS consolidation, and global file sharing use cases. Customers can implement multi-cloud strategies based on their specific business or application requirements. Nasuni also supports multiple private cloud storage solutions, includ- ing NetApp StorageGRID, Nutanix Objects, IBM COS, Dell EMC ECS, Hitachi Vantara HCP, Cloudian Hyperstore, Pure Storage FlashBlade, Scality RING and more.

Data Analytics

The Nasuni Analytics Connector enables enterprises to turn unstructured data into big data. This feature converts file data stored by Nasuni as encrypted, proprietary objects in cloud storage into native object format, and writes the objects into a separate cloud storage account. With full access to all your file data in native object format, you can browse, copy, search, or apply analytics software, AI, machine learning and other data recognition tools such as AWS Rekognition and Macie.