File Collaboration

Optimize Workforce Productivity

With Nasuni you improve your workforce productivity by synchronizing files to a single global file system through a cloud native orchestration center. Our patented Global File Locking capability delivers advanced version controls. The result is users have visibility to the latest file version, even if changes are being made by remote users. No more worrying about “Who’s got the latest file version”.

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Share Any File, Regardless of Size or Type

Nasuni lets you share files with anyone in the world as if they were sitting six feet away and keep everyone synchronized to the latest version. Files are chunked, encrypted, compressed and transferred through internet connections, not expensive WAN/MPLS lines. The result, files of any size can be shared fast, shaving minutes, even hours off of file transfer times.

Global File Locking to the Rescue

How do two or more people work on the same file when some are in London and others are in New York without overwriting each? For most organizations it is a mess of renaming files or users go to outside services that compromise control and security. Nasuni Global File Lock is a patented technology that ensures only one user anywhere in the world can make file changes at a time. Architected as a scalable cloud service with redundant lock servers and lock server failover, Nasuni Global File Lock minimizes the data corruption—and productivity loss—caused by version conflict.