Disaster Recovery & Ransomware Mitigation

Rapid File Restore

When a ransomware attack takes place, the clock starts ticking on your ability to detect it, stop it, and restore your data. File shares are everywhere and hold up to 80% of company data, so it’s common for them to be the target of an attack. With traditional network-based backup solutions, restoring files can take hours, days, even weeks. But not with Nasuni. After you’ve stopped and scoped the impact of the attack, recovering your files with Nasuni takes minutes.

Current RPOs and “Surgical” Recovery

With Nasuni, you simply dial back to within minutes of when files were lost or corrupted and achieve an extremely current recovery point. Likewise, you can focus on restoring only the files that have been affected vs. an entire volume. Most users will never know an attack happened.

Immutable and Infinite Snapshots

Unlike other cloud storage vendor’s approaches to snapshots, Nasuni’s snapshots are unlimited, incorruptible, and can be retained for as long as you need them. Nasuni snapshots are stored automatically in unlimited, low-cost cloud object storage.

Accelerating the Fight Against Ransomware

Perspectives from industry experts on successful ransomware mitigation strategies to protect organizations from attacks while minimizing downtime.

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15-Minute Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery for your file shares is not something you have to think about with Nasuni. It’s built-in and always running. When a site goes down, access to user files can be restored within 15 minutes, resulting in virtually no loss of productivity. No need to copy files to a DR location or wait for files to restore from a backup system.