Case Study


Founded in 1976, TNP is a civil engineering, surveying, and landscape architecture firm with a long-standing reputation for providing quality designs and responsive services. The firm’s client-focused teams of engineers, surveyors, and technical specialists strive to respond quickly to customer needs.

TNP’s approach to business demands both internal and external collaboration. Teams need to be able to efficiently share file data with each other, contractors, partners, and clients. Over the years, TNP experimented with multiple file sharing and collaboration tools. Eventually, the firm settled on Egnyte and Dropbox, but users had to copy data to and from their local file servers. Multiple iterations of documents were moving between data silos, leading to version conflicts, and skilled technical specialists were forced to spend too much time resolving which version of a given file was correct. As frustration and inefficiency grew, IT determined there had to be a better way.

TNP had already deployed the Nasuni File Data Platform, which consolidated its data silos in the cloud, allowing the organization to leverage the unlimited, on-demand scale and cost savings of Azure object storage. But IT Director Todd Dughman and his team decided it was time to move TNP’s collaborative workflows to Nasuni as well. With Nasuni Access Anywhere add-on service, TNP can support hybrid workers with reliable performance without sacrificing security.

  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction
  • enhanced project collaboration
  • fast remote file access
  • simplified management
  • single source of truth with file data
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