Case Study

SAS International

The Cost of Downtime: How Traditional File Storage Flaws Drove SAS International to Enterprise File Services

UK-based manufacturer moves away from aging file servers, speeding up file access at remote offices

SAS International is a U.K.-based manufacturer of high-end metalwork, architectural ceilings and more. SAS employs roughly 1,000 people spread across four U.K. locations, including its headquarters in Reading, and three additional offices, with one each in Australia, Ireland and Dubai. As a distributed organization, SAS was struggling with its aging and expensive file storage infrastructure. In some locations, unstructured data was growing so quickly that USB drives were plugged in to expand capacity. The company was also relying on inefficient backup processes and tape drives to protect business-critical files. Since files were stored in central locations, then shared over WAN links, end users who were close to the source of those files enjoyed fast performance, but others experienced huge access delays. With Nasuni, SAS was able to move away from its aging file servers, speed up access at remote offices, and swap its expensive, time-consuming backup solution for automatic file data protection with fast recoveries.

  • Manufacturing
  • Microsoft Azure
  • an integrated, cloud-native file system with unlimited capacity
  • built-in file protection with 15–min RTO
  • high-performance distributed file access
  • 50% reduction in data protection costs
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