Case Study

Hull and Associates

Latency, Capacity Limits and Rising Costs: How File Storage Hardware Drove Hull & Associates to Nasuni’s Integrated Solution

How this AEC firm saved 60% of their traditional storage and protection hardware costs by consolidating data onto Nasuni

Hull & Associates is a project development and consulting firm based in Dublin, Ohio. Recently, IT determined that Hull’s file storage infrastructure was not built for growth. Accessing large files was often tedious and slow, which hampered collaboration. Data protection was time-consuming and expensive. And file growth was outpacing capacity upgrades. Hull was maintaining 14 file servers across seven different locations. Whenever the company needed to scale up at a location, that meant scaling the hardware and licensing costs, too. After Hull & Associates evaluated numerous possibilities, the IT group determined that Nasuni offered the only solution that aligned with the larger goals of the company. The company now enjoys a wide range of benefits, including unlimited scale, continuous file versioning, and high-performance distributed access. With Nasuni, the firm has a flexible storage solution designed to support its growing business.

  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction
  • Microsoft Azure
  • cloud backup
  • cloud DR
  • multi-site file collaboration
  • NAS consolidation
  • 80% reduction in local hardware infrastructure
  • reduced risk; enhanced productivity of contractors and employees
  • improved multi-site management
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