Case Study


Branding Agency Transforms into Global, 24-Hour Studio with Nasuni

1HQ modernizes its file infrastructure to support its always-on, everywhere business model

Headquartered in the U.K., with creative studios around the world, 1HQ specializes in brand strategy, innovation, design, and communication. The agency is focused on helping brands succeed in highly competitive, fast-moving markets, and its customers range from local startups to major global corporations such as Unilever, Microsoft, KraftHeinz, and Nestle. Traditional, isolated file storage solutions could not provide the required efficiency and flexibility that 1HQ’s international growth strategy demanded, and the files common to creative agencies had become too large and complex for the traditional approach to storage. Nasuni helps drive 1HQ’s larger vision of an agile, global, 24-hour agency that can respond quickly to its clients and tap more of its worldwide talent for each project. Instead of multiple disconnected hardware silos of file storage in various global locations, 1HQ now has a single global file system in the cloud for storing, protecting, sharing, and managing all of its unstructured file data.

  • Media & Advertising
  • Amazon Web Services
  • cloud backup
  • cloud disaster recovery
  • global collaboration
  • NAS consolidation
  • seamless global file sharing and collaboration
  • reduced risk
  • 80% reduction in local infrastructure
  • simpler IT management
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