Cloud Modernization

Tight Partnerships with Cloud Leaders, MS Azure, AWS & Google Cloud for Success

Don’t take our word for it, MS Azure, AWS and Google Cloud all rely on Nasuni for delivering enterprise grade cloud file storage as part of their cloud modernization stack. With Nasuni you can be assured that we will are aligned with your strategic cloud modernization partner. Nasuni is a top storage partner of all 3 major cloud providers with advanced competencies across many use cases. We work closely with sales and product teams to ensure a seamless transition.

Fast Migration to ensure a Seamless Move from Legacy File Storage to the Cloud

I love moving data – said no one ever! We know one of the big fears of moving off legacy file storage is fear of how long it will take or will something go wrong. Nasuni has built migration technologies, consulting services and work with our cloud partners migration processes to ensure it is fast and painless. Our file storage experts build a plan and execute quickly – remember one of the benefits of the cloud consumption model is we only get paid for what storage you are using so there is a mutually exclusive relationship at work!

Speedy File Storage for Your Applications in the Cloud

Thousands of applications that use file protocols are being deployed in the cloud to increase application value and save money. Nasuni’s cloud native architecture helps you deploy existing applications in the cloud without forcing users to put up with cloud latency.

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Designed to ensure a successful lifetime experience with your cloud file services subscription, see how everything we do is focused on ensuring you get the value you deserve.

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Realize Your Data’s Value

Nasuni works with you to help you consolidate multiple pockets of unstructured data into one consolidated global file system, making it easier to develop and roll out your data analytics initiatives. Once your data is stored, protected in one place, you can apply the latest in analytic applications. And the Nasuni Analytics Connector makes it easy for you to segment out and analyze virtually any subset of your data.

Infrastructure with Global Scale to Align with Growth

With Nasuni, you get the power of cloud scale for file storage. Whether your company growth strategy calls for acquisitions, global offices, a merger of firms, or centralization of resources, Nasuni deploys easily to support new configurations, people and locations. You can deploy file storage in minutes to a new location, working group, or remote site, consolidate or contract at will.